Best Vaporizer Stealth Tactics

Everyone knows that a huge part of the appeal when considering buying a vaporizer is the fact that using it is so much sneakier than smoking. Seriously, if you haven’t ever used a weed vaporizer or seen a friend use one, the smell is insanely more subtle than smoke. Plus the smell of smoke lingers for way longer after the session too, but for vaping you can’t even tell anything went down just five minutes later. If you got your vape specifically for this reason so that you could enjoy a sesh every now and again at school, or work, or in your car, or right before dinner with your parents, or in a movie theatre, or any other number of similar reasons, then this article’s got a couple of the best vaporizer stealth tips to help you out even more.
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Your Stash

    This is especially relevant if you’re going to be using your vaporizer indoors, in enclosed spaces where you most likely shouldn’t be. A lot of people may be overjoyed at their ability to now get lifted throughout the movie when they go to a theatre, to the point where they forget how pungent their stash alone is. Your vapor might not smell nearly as strong as smoke does, but your green itself can still reek across a whole room for a good few minutes. Because of this, make sure that if you do bring your stash around with you, it’s in an airtight container. Try to prepare yourself a couple pods to pop into your vape’s chamber if your device allows you to, so that you don’t have to take your weed out whenever you want to load another one.

Do Try To Be Subtle

    Sadly, our world isn’t totally chill with the cannabis sativa plant just yet. Even if you think vaping is way more lowkey than smoking, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible that someone will realize what you’re doing and call you out for it, potentially getting you in trouble. The best vaporizer to get if you really want to make sure nobody ever notices what you’re doing is one like the Puffit 2, which resembles an asthma pump.

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