Binghamton female known for beauty and bingo

Theresa Yevchak cherished making others smile — and she had many methods. Her social and affectionate character delivered others cheer, told her sister, Sophie Raychel. Theresa also had an approachable demeanor and usually seemed excellent, Sophie stated, regularly wearing carefully styled hair and make-up. Theresa, who additionally went by using “Terry,” became liked by those who knew her for her Polish culinary specialties, love of polka dancing, devotion to the circle of relatives, and bingo, frequently triumphing the jackpot.

Theresa, an almost lifestyles-long Binghamton First Ward resident, died April 26. She became 88.

Sophie, eighty-three, of Endwell, told her sister turned into acknowledged now not handiest for her fun-loving character, but also for her compassion and capacity to place others before herself — from operating to help her massive circle of relatives at some point of the first-rate despair as a toddler to volunteering for numerous community organizations later in lifestyles.

“Always thinking about others, no longer herself — it’s how she changed,” Sophie said.

Polish Heaven

Theresa Lenga was born on August 21, 1927, in “Polish Heaven,” a part of the Binghamton vicinity regarded for its Polish community. Sophie said she grew up on Sowden Street in Binghamton on a demolished stretch of street to make room for Kingdom Course 17. They lived with 12 other siblings in a three-bedroom home. Theresa slept in an unmarried bed with three of her siblings. But Sophie stated they’d totally glad formative years and grew up in a concerned and affectionate circle of relatives’ surroundings. “Theresa had love and happiness with her large family in Polish Heaven,” Sophie said.


Through Polish immigrants, Theresa attended high school and church at St. Stanislaus Kostka Church, which was founded in June 1914. Sophie said she became a proud and active member of the church choir.

Growing up throughout the incredible depression, Theresa needed to drop out of college in 8th grade to help boost cash to support her huge circle of relatives.

Sophie said that family chores also kept her busy. Theresa cooked, cleaned, and cared for the young ones while her mom searched for work, and her father worked at Endicott Johnson’s shoe factory for $12 weekly.

Theresa’s clothing became regularly tattered. She had to use rubber bands to keep her footwear from falling aside. However, she always seemed beautiful, Sophie stated.

Growing up, Theresa had long, blond hair that framed blue eyes and a sprinkle of freckles. Sophie said she became imaginative and prescient in white for the duration of her first communion, thanks to their mom’s styling.

Sophie stated that Theresa regarded herself as cute throughout her life. She always took the time to choose nice clothing and do her hair simply right. Despite all the work that needed to be achieved in her massive family, Theresa continually observed amusing methods.

Sophie fondly remembers playing video games with Theresa and their siblings on the streets. Indoor games protected one Theresa could develop to love as a person: bingo. Lower back then, the prize often became candy, Sophie stated. In wintry weather, Theresa might ride a sled she constructed from cardboard with a sled. “And down Pulaski road, we went, having a ball!” Sophie recalled.

Sophie said that Theresa spent numerous summers dwelling in a cabin with a different circle of relatives in North Norwich, picking peas and beans for a farmer. She made 50 cents a bushel. Sophie said that all of her cash went to help her own family. Theresa also became an affectionate and affected person with her siblings — even if Sophie would nibble at the sandwich Theresa had packed for lunch while picking. Theresa became a totally, very fine character. A type, lovable person,” Sophie stated. “She always becomes there if you want anything.”

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