Priority Software move to Azure from AWS

Priority Software has decided on Microsoft Azure as its cloud services associate inside North America, EMEA, and Australia.

This is a strategy exchange for the Israeli ERP issuer who formerly used AWS to provide UK customers.

Why are they now using Azure?

Focus on the US market
Priority is focused on expanding its presence within the US. It recently sold Acclivity, the developers of AccountEdge accounting software. As it scales its operations, it desires a cloud service partner to work across all its areas. That method is now underway.

Andres Richter, the CEO of Priority Software, said: We’ve launched full cooperation with Azure through pilots with several clients inside the UK, and our goal markets are the US, UK, and Australia. This is a brand-new initiative with two principal drivers. Firstly, from a technical viewpoint, we aim to offer our customers a security-targeted answer that considers GDPR compliance and latency at the top of IT managers’ priorities as we talk. ”


How many Azure areas Priority is using inside the US isn’t known. It is likely no extra than. The declaration will see the employer leverage more of the Azure stack. It also means that they will offer a trusted company inside the US. AWS has lately seen a drop in consideration via businesses because of steady data leaks from its S3 service.

This week, FedEx was called out for exposing facts, and the latest investigation using the BBC confirmed hackers are warning AWS clients about insecure records. The problem isn’t always consistent with se down to AWS. One of the clients is considered to be failing to configure offerings nicely. However, there is a growing belief that AWS wants to shield clients using its S3 carrier. ET asked Priority why they switched from AWS, but they declined to comment, especially on the problem.

An international cloud partner is needed as a priority.

Priority’s choice of a cloud vendor to turn in its global ERP answers is a sensible move. Avi Troub, VP of International Sales & Channel at Priority Software, commented: “We are faced with swiftly growing needs for our cloud services in America and Europe and need to ely upon a scalable and trusted infrastructure. I am assured that with Azure’s sturdy cloud offerings, we can supply new enterprise efficiencies and assist virtual way-of-life trade. We also offer an offering for Azure’s current channels who are looking for future opportunities.”

The latter statement is interesting. Priority operates in the SME market and has a whole stack of ERP overlaying maximum industries. It is possible to compete directly with Microsoft Dynamics sometimes. However, there may be a few Azure companions who might soak up the offer. It will give them a better risk of developing the enterprise than delivering the software program on-premises or from an unknown cloud company.

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