3 seo recommendations to boost mobile app downloads


When talking about search optimization for mobile apps, the first issue is App keep Optimization or ASO. However, did you recognize that you can additionally use search engine optimization or seo to reinforce downloads of your cell app? Cell app profile pages don’t display up in search engine listings the way internet pages do. So what can you do that gets your cell app showing up in search engine listings?

3 seo recommendations to boost mobile app downloads 2

Construct a touchdown page or a microsite to start with Do Savor.

Having a presence on the internet is the starting point in leveraging the traffic flowing in your app. The greater information the microsite has, the better. Suppose you’ve got a weblog associated with your product and the landing page, even higher. The extra visibility you build for your touchdown web page, or the more it shows in relevant search results about your app’s class or keywords, the greater traffic and downloads your app might acquire. So here are a number of the great actionable seo pointers from the maximum well-known experts that may boost visibility for your cell app on serps and assist increase downloads.

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) key-word method for the app’s touchdown web page

On-webpage optimization with the relevant set of keywords of your landing web page or the microsite is essential for Google or different search engines like google to realize what key phrases to rank your website for. At the same time as the norm is to use the Google Keyword Planner tool to discover the right set of key phrases (people who represent famous searches) that relate to your product, LSI key phrases play a big function in the smart detection of your landing web page in Google’s seek consequences. LSI key phrases are synonyms and carefully associated words, and that they help Google apprehend what your page is all about. When users are looking for ‘cars’, Google ought to recognize whether your search is about the film ‘cars’ or the automobile. And Google can tell from the website’s LSI key phrases whether it relates to at least one of the alternatives.


This method, by way of Brian Dean, will assist you in discovering the relevant LSI keywords.

Search for your foremost keyword in Google. Allow’s anticipate your app is a way to human beings’ sound asleep problems, and your predominant keyword is ‘Sleep problems’. Now, there are 3 approaches to discover LSI keywordsWhilstst you input the keyword in the Google seek window, the drop-down of related keywords are LSI keywords. Google will spotlight (formidable) the text this is applicable in the search effects. So in case, you scan the effects, you’ll see words that include ‘sleep problems, which are LSI keywords.

Right at the bottom of the quest results web page, Google showcases additional key phrases, which can be ‘searches related to your keyword’, together with ‘the way to sleep better, ‘narcolepsy’, insomnia, and so on. While incorporating keywords on your landing web page or the microsite, ensure it’s now not approximately the density or repetition of the principle keyword but includes the LSI keywords. You may additionally write weblog posts that target the LSI keywords.

Construct back-links using tracking your competitor’s links

building one-way links to your landing page or the mobile app’s microsite is an essential seo method to increase the search rating. The greater authoritative websites hyperlink in your app’s landing page, the better it would rank in seek listings. This one method, via Neil Patel, could assist you in picking out the applicable authority websites and blogs and additionally assist you in building the backlinks quickly to your app’s touchdown page. The first step is to pick out your competition which has a fantastic quantity of traction and is popular within the app keep charts. After you’ve diagnosed those, use one of the backlinking gear consisting of chiefs or Cognitive seo to search for all the pages that hyperlink again to the competitor app.

Now, you have to sift through the relevant websites or blogs that list the competitor app and write to the writer to don’t forget together with a link for your app. Of route, provide them a motive why they have to include your app in the listing. no longer all might respond or be convinced, however when they do; you’ll start to notice the effects – visitors in your website, downloads of your app, and a higher ranking to your key phrases

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