Blogger Heather Land to speak at First Baptist Church in Joplin

Heather Land, blogger and creator of the viral “I Ain’t Doin’ It” films, is scheduled to talk at upcoming events at First Baptist Church, 4128 Connecticut Ave.

The talking engagements are scheduled for 7 p.M. Thursday and once more at 6 p.M. Sunday, Feb. 25.

With a knack for locating the humorous inside the frustrating, Land unravels normal occasions in a self-deprecating way that causes viewers to chuckle now not only at each other but additionally at themselves.

Let’s face it, we all need to have our personal style weblog. A private corner, where we let our desires run wild, an area to show our thoughts to the arena and to prove that our weblog is the fine ever!

We realize precisely how our blog will appear to be, and, naively, what we will write in it, confident in order to be no problem locating gripping content material. In fact, we’re positive that we may not be capable of forestall typing!

But earlier than that, we want a name.

What can be less difficult than that, you ask yourself? Then, qualms begin to sneak in. Blogs are like kids. We need to give them the most original names, but we’re afraid that they be mocked at faculty. And what if the call which you’ve been fantasising of is already taken? What if it sounds ridiculous in France or offending to spiritual human beings?

Well, you could just strive “style weblog call” into your Google or Bing, and attempt the severa computerized call generators. But the names you get are “wooden”, with pointers like “Magenta of Fun” or “Dream and Glide”. But it is your weblog and that’s now not suitable enough! Don’t melancholy, for I even have five awesome thoughts for you. But first, we need to clean some vital technicalities and practicalities.

You want the call it really is without difficulty to stated and remembered, so that humans will now not ought to ask their greater superior friends “how do you spell that” over the phone! Unusual names or locations are difficult to spell and you could not get the ones eyeballs. Long and complicated names are also unadvisable for the identical reason. If your blog is posted on a trendy internet site, you’ve got greater freedom, concern on your call not being taken already, however in case you post the usage of specialised engines together with WordPress or Blogspot, then your URL will be quite heavy besides.

So subsequently, to the point, right here are my pointers for the aspiring fashion blogger!

1. A clever combination of your own call. For example, Tina Tattler can end up TinTan, TiplusTat. Just don’t do the naively obvious “TinasBlog”.

2. Functional name: that is my fashion, unpretentious and clean. Just pick an unassuming call to nice describe what you want to weblog approximately. But please check it with some friends to avoid most important embarrassments! So if knitting is your factor – move for “theknittingblog”, or the like.

Three. Romantic names: you can take into account that 80s pop bands’ names were based totally on romantic phrases, primarily borrowed from French, which includes Visage, Depeche Mode. So, why no longer take a posh word or and mangle is oh-so-very-barely, with a touch of style? For instance, “ultraromance” or “argententé”. Use apostrophes, accents and other continental characters, but the real heavies along with æ, ü, Ç£, and many others. Are better used within the subsequent couple of naming-thoughts.

Four. Swedish: I love the minimalistic Swedish layout sometimes even store at Ikea – guilty! Choosing a Scandinavian call is extraordinary fun. Try some Swedish sounding words and add the weird characters mentioned above – in spite of everything Ikea does it! I ought to easily come-up with gemstones along with “bÇ£renbrülla” or “sfaönjorgen”. You can not miss!

5. Goth: perhaps you need to capture all the ones closet Goths amongst us or maybe you’re a secret Goth your self? Again, the use of bizarre characters so common with heavy steel bands is helpful. You can use Middle-English as basis with, mix it with references to metal along with “glennsheilock” and in general, play for your internal Goth.

Still can not find a call?! It’s the without boundaries internet for you, female! Why, “borderlessinternet”, simply that sounds truely like a great name for a style blog!

Heather Errol is a fashion writerblogger, with a eager sharp eye for up and coming trendsdirections in ladies’s, guys’s and children’sclothes’ style. Based She lives in London UK she is an avid travellertravels round the sector and maintains tabs onmonitors the worldwide fashion scenecatwalk world. Heather’s tip for this season summer time is Israeli Trousers.

Prolific thriller/thriller author Heather Graham, offers you a clean, seasonal diversion in Home In Time For Christmas (Mira, 2009). At 10:00 am, December 22, 1776, Jake Mallory, an American Revolution soldier convicted of treason; stood on the gallows in New York City, to be hanged. Jake usual his fate, as British Major Hempsted condemned him. Jake’s beautiful, young, adoptive sister, Serena; stormed the platform to chastise the Major for his moves. Jake become awestruck. Serena should had been of their homeland of Gloucester, Massachusetts. Now, he feared for her existence. During the commotion, Major Hempsted ordered the entice door be released. Jake felt the noose tighten, as he fell into a black hole. He closing recollects a lovely, snow-white day, and blood purple rose petals falling from the sky…

Graham whisks you to contemporary Christmas week in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Melody Tarleton is riding domestic from holiday purchasing, reflecting at the season; when she hits black ice. She loses manipulate of the auto and strikes a person, throwing him into the snowy panorama. That character is Jake Mallory; still wearing his eighteenth century military garb. Melody effusively apologizes; positive that she’s caused damage. Jake assures her that he is ok. As Jake recounts his ultimate moments at the gallows, Melody believes he’s both suffered brain trauma, or is loopy. Compassion leads Melody to invite Jake domestic. She indicates the collaborative story that he attends Boston College and is a tour manual, to provide an explanation for his look. Jake consents.

Melody and Jake arrive domestic. To his astonishment, it became his identical house centuries ago. Jake meets Melody’s parents. Her mother is Mona, who Graham describes as ” a ordinary mixture of old school lady of the residence with a piece of the wild child thrown in.” She additionally believes her ancestors had been pagan healers or Wiccans. Melody’s father, George, is a former professor at Worcester Poly-Tech; and is serious about frequencies and waves. He’s usually tweaking vintage inventions, and gaining knowledge of new ones. Melody’s brother, Keith, confides skepticism in her tale concerning her friend; and she or he famous Jake’s “story.” He’s greater open to consider than Melody. Mona is intrigued by means of Jake’s surname. She retrieves an vintage diary the Tarletons inherited when they offered the residence. Its writer, Serena Mallory; details her brother’s placing in 1776; except, the story has no ending. Jake trembles as he reads the entry.

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