Blogger Heather Land to speak at First Baptist Church in Joplin

Heather Land, the blogger and creator of the viral “I Ain’t Doin’ It” films, is scheduled to talk at upcoming events at First Baptist Church, 4128 Connecticut Ave.

The talking engagements are scheduled for 7 p.M. Thursday and once more at 6 p.M. Sunday, Feb. 25.

Blogger Heather Land to speak at First Baptist Church in Joplin 2

With a knack for locating the humor inside the frustrating, Land unravels everyday occasions in a self-deprecating way that causes viewers to chuckle now not only at each other but additionally at themselves.

Let’s face it, we all need to have our style weblog. A private corner, where we let our desires run wild, an area to show our thoughts to the arena and prove that our weblog is the fine ever!

We realize precisely how our blog will appear and, naively, what we will write in it, confident to be no problem locating gripping content material. We’re optimistic that we may not be capable of forestall typing!

But earlier than that, we want a name.

What can be less complicated than that, you ask yourself? Then, qualms begin to sneak in. Blogs are like kids. We need to give them the most original names, but we’re afraid that they are mocked by faculty. And what if the call which you’ve been fantasizing about is already taken? What if it sounds ridiculous in France or offensive to spiritual human beings?

Well, you could strive “style weblog call” into your Google or Bing and attempt the severa computerized call generators. But the names you get are “wooden”, with pointers like “Magenta of Fun” or “Dream and Glide”. But it is your weblog, and that’s now not suitable enough! Don’t melancholy, for I even have five great thoughts for you. But first, we need to clean some crucial technicalities and practicalities.

You want the call without difficulty to be stated and remembered so that humans will now not ask their more excellent superior friends, “how do you spell that” over the phone! Unusual names or locations are difficult to spell, and you could not get the one’s eyeballs. Long and complicated names are also unadvisable for the exact reason. If your blog is posted on a trendy internet site, you’ve got greater freedom, concern on your call not being taken already; however, if you post the usage of specialized engines together with WordPress or Blogspot. Your URL will be pretty heavy besides.

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