Ultimately, there’s a dating app for all the love-starved lumberjacks available
Posted by Jonathan M. McCoy on 28th April 2019

Cartoonist Dan Meth, he of The Meth Minute 39 and innumerable other peculiar creations, has now set his satirical web sites on Tinder and other “sexy” social apps. In his contemporary cartoon, he’s created a courting app especially for bearded men. Extra particularly, it’s aimed toward bearded guys who are lumberjacks. And manner more in particular than that, it’s for desperately lonely lumberjacks who, of their extreme isolation, appear to have developed an unhealthy, erotic fixation at the timber they chop each day as a part of their job. The name of the app: timber. What else? The way it really works is pretty easy. The user simply downloads the app and then flips thru numerous, theoretically tempting pics of logs, planks, and beams. Like so:



Precisely how the timber is meant to reply whilst a lumberjack swipes right is unknown. Maybe the chosen item is mailed to him discreetly, after which he’s taking it back to his cabin or some secluded spot in the woods and does with it as he pleases. It’s quality now not to live on the ones varieties of information. It looks like the average wooden user runs the chance of having splinters in a few extraordinarily inconvenient places. Believe explaining that to the camp physician. The results of this cartoon, short as it’s miles, are many and horrifying. There may be something fairly unwholesome about the way the lumberjack is leering at his phone.

Meth is rarely the first to invest at the sexual peccadilloes of lumberjacks. Monty Python’s Flying Circus gave the world “The Lumberjack tune” manner again in 1969, and it has become a staple of the comedy troupe’s stay shows for many years in a while. If best this negative fellow performed by using Michael Palin had got admission to the social media, perhaps he should have averted uncomfortable and embarrassing scenes just like the following.