Iraq shuts down the net to stop pupils cheating in assessments
Posted by Jonathan M. McCoy on 27th April 2019

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Iraq has been turning off the internet across the u . s . a . To prevent kids dishonest in exams.

3 separate 3-hour disruptions to Iraqi internet services, have been noticed by means of content material transport community Akamai and net performance analysts Dyn studies, which coincided with the u . s .’s faculty examination durations. The blockade, which affected constant-line and cell broadband, become mandated by means of the Iraqi ministry of verbal exchange Do Some Work.

One Iraqi internet carrier issuer (ISP), EarthLink, announced the 16 may blackout on its facebook web page. The company stated: “As advised by using the Ministry of conversation, internet offerings might be cut off in all of Iraq in the course of the time of checks from 5am till 8am for all agencies throughout all provinces.”
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The blackouts coincided with tests for secondary and high-college college students and had been carried out because the ultimate step within the u . s .’s struggle to prevent college students dishonest the use of smuggled cell telephones and net-related gadgets in exam halls.

Even as trying to ban cell telephones from tests or putting in nearby jamming gadget is probably a much less draconian measure, shutting off the internet is surely green. But, the outage impacted absolutely everyone and commercial enterprise in the parts of the usa controlled by means of the Iraqi government, inflicting human rights campaigners, including access Now, to sentence the move.



The location of Kurdistan turned into no longer stricken by the blackout, in step with Dyn research, because of its independent regional government, which did no longer comply with suit.

Iraq has a history of turning off the internet to affect the glide of records. Ultimate yr it finished similar blackouts at exam times, in addition to attempting to take regions controlled by way of Isis offline to assist shut down the unfold of propaganda.

however, Iraq is never alone in its government’s ability to close down a country’s internet at brief notice, with Egypt enforcing comparable strategies for the duration of the Arab spring protests in 2011 and Uganda blockading get admission to the social media for the duration of elections in February 2016. Other countries including Iran and China have carried out sturdy censorship, whilst the UK and different nations block get entry to the sure sites linked to piracy at the ISP stage.