The 4 Benefits of Using an Armored Vehicle

Armored Vehicles like cars, SUVs or even trucks are specially made vehicles designed to resist bullet or explosives damage. They provide security to the passengers sitting inside that are otherwise vulnerable to any form of assault from the outside world. There are many benefits of using an armored vehicle and protection is just one of […]

Automobile Layout Images brings you the automobile dealer brochures of yesteryear

Automobile dealerships are starting to apply virtuality truth to sell their automobiles, however once upon a time, sealing the deal required carmakers to skip out revealed matter. The folded Vehicle supplier brochure was a cautiously planned paintings of suave Layout meant to reveal the promise and status of the newest makes and fashions. Vehicle Layout […]

Chandigarh: More than 90 per cent car corporations violate building bye-legal guidelines, famous survey

A SURVEY accomplished through the UT Property Workplace has discovered that More than 90 per cent of vehicle groups have constructed unauthorised structures on their premises in violation of constructing bye-legal guidelines. There are a total of 52 companies dealing in automobiles and -wheelers operating from Segment I and Section II of Industrial Region. Out […]

The auto: A symbol of innovation

In just over a century, the automobile industry has multiplied, making it one of the maximum evolutionary industries. The nature of the car industry is that it’s usually evolving and enhancing on its contemporary innovation. When The automobile changed into first delivered, the sector changed, ushering a new era of modernity. How did it begin? […]

Laser transmission welding of fiber-strengthened thermoplastics aids lightweight car construction

Fiber-reinforced thermoplastics coupled with using laser transmission welding are beginning up completely new possibilities of functionalization and design in light-weight vehicle construction according to German firm LIMO Lissotschenko Mikrooptik GmbH (Dortmund). The organisation recently developed an incredibly compact laser processing head capable of reducing processing prices through up to 30% and enabling the processing of […]