The 4 Benefits of Using an Armored Vehicle

Armored Vehicles like cars, SUVs, or even trucks are specially made vehicles designed to resist bullet or explosives damage. They provide security to the passengers sitting inside that are otherwise vulnerable to any form of assault from the outside world. There are many benefits of using an armored vehicle, and protection is just one of them.

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Armored vehicles are standard on the battlefield. Tanks, trucks, or SUVs are required to be armored to protect the soldiers. But in a more civilian scenario, the passengers inside these private armored are ultra-rich, highly-important individuals, or just some mafia (read corrupt politicians) who want to showcase luxury while protecting their lives. Armored vehicles are also used by businesses that deal with expensive commodities like gold, cash, precious metals, or any other valuable item. These vehicles are equipped with bullet-resistant reinforced panels that protect the different components of the car from attack.

Here are four awesome benefits of using armored vehicles-

Protection and Safety

If it’s not clear with the name, the armored vehicles have armor to protect the passengers. An armored vehicle’s specialty is its inclusion of unique materials and construction. These vehicles can protect from bullets, grenades, or explosives.

The users of such cars are under constant threat of assassinations. These cars also protect the passengers in cases of riots or public violence. Many news channels and businesses have a unique fleet of armored vehicles to maintain even extreme situations.


In most cases, the foundations of armored vehicles are heavy vehicles like SUVs, Vans, or large saloons. They are built with heavy-duty metals, reinforced plastics and glass, and special tires that resist fire and punctures. The suspension systems are doubled up to handle the extra weight.

Depending on the requirement, the armored vehicle manufacturer can make every panel of the car impact-proof, including the insides. They can also be fitted with extra fuel tanks, emergency power supplies, sirens, PA systems, or any other particular need you have. All of these additions make them a reliable option even when the situation gets rough.

Risk-Prone Business Delivery

You should consider armored vehicles if you are in a business that deals with the movement of precious items like gold, diamonds, paintings, cash, or anything that can be in the eyes of thieves or insane individuals. You can get most heavy vehicles armored for your custom requirements.

One great thing about modern armoring is that it does not need to look like an armored vehicle. You might have seen cash in transit vehicles, which are generally lightly armored but appear like regular delivery vans from the outside. Most people don’t even recognize an armored vehicle because of its discreet appearance.

Impressing Clients with Armored Luxury

Using luxury vehicles to impress your high-end clients is old. Offer them the best of luxury and protection in the form of an armored luxury vehicle. It will tell them that you care for them and are not willing to take any chances.

You can discuss your next multi-million dollar deal with the client, enjoying a glass of champagne, getting a back massage while the outside world is bombarding your car with grenades and guns. This is one excellent benefit of armored vehicles.

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