How to Switch Pages to Posts on Your WordPress Website

Sometimes, within the existence of a WordPress internet site, you need to alternate. Not simplest the theme or content, however, the real publish kind.

Years before, you may have placed some information on a Page, however now you see the cost of having it in a Post.

Well, correct information! You can make a Page a Post or a Post a Page. It’s spotless the usage of a plugin referred to as Post Type Switcher.
Just installed and set off the plugin and visit All Pages/Posts. Click on Quick Edit and pull the drop-down menu to select both Post, Page, or Template. You can prepare it as an infant web page utilizing flattening the Parent drop-down.

Then, pass discover that Post or Page on the listing where it now belongs.

Presto, change-o!

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Why Switch Pages to Posts

There are masses of motives to make the transfer. For me, it all comes right down to Categories and Tags.

Pages don’t use Categories and Tags for the exact cause that, being static, Pages don’t want to categorize. Pages sit down placed and don’t alternate till up to date. Pages could have a hierarchal structure by making one an infant of some other. However, that’s the closest you get to sorting.

Posts are dynamic and may be sorted by both Categories or Tags, letting them be supplied in all sorts of ways across the website.

When I first built the BC Association of Travel Writers website, I allowed every member to create a profile-type Page. However, I regretted that decision after making the web page a greater of a directory. I desired editors and publishers to look for a creator in a specific area of interest, but with their testimonies on Pages, a user should best seek with the usual search bar.
Using the Category “Member,” I used a widget to create an Archive page that shows their call, photo, and excerpt, as well as an easy face pile in a sidebar.

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