An Envoy Who Can Rival ‘North Koreas Ivanka

WASHINGTON — When the sister of Kim Jong-un made her historic visit to the Winter Olympics in South Korea weeks in the past, announcing not anything but commanding noisy press insurance, the South Korean information media quickly called him” “NortKorea’s’s Ivank”.”

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Now, President Trump is sending the actual Ivanka.

The query is whether or not Ms. Trump, with her style enterprise glamour, can counter the information media narrative set using a mysterious North Korean woman, Kim Yo-jong, a director of her totalitarian authorities” propaganda and agitation department. White House officers balk at any parallel among tbetweenator’s’s sister and, in addition to that, dent’s daughter. But the contrast is plain, if unfair, given their family pedigrees.

And Ms. Trump might also gain by any other comparison: to Vice President Mike Pence, who sat near Ms. Kim at some stage in the hole right of the Olympics and appeared unable to strike a similar chord as she did with South Koreans. He later neglected out on an assembly with North Korean officials after they canceled on the remaining minute. Administration officials renowned that Ms. Trump, who will arrive in South Korea on Friday to observe the ultimate rite of the Games, may want to clean some of the tensions that flared all through thvp’s’s visit, even if they insist thaisn’t’t the motive of her experience.

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Marge Keller 1 day in the past

Ivanka Trump is no extra a diplomat projecting a reachable consider that I am the Princess of the Imagine Nation. The complete concept is…

Gdnrbob 1 day in the past

The Trump own family is the lowest in the barrel. And that there are a few rotten apples, one could anticipate all are tainted.

Susan 1 day in the past

Let me get this directly — our democratic country, which has railed for years towards the Kim dynasty, is sending the president’s daughter? And…

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