British MP Jo Cox dies after being shot

A British member of Parliament has died after being shot outdoor an assembly with materials in northern England on Thursday.

Jo Cox, 41, who turned into the opposition Labour celebration, became shot at approximately 1 p.m. local time. She organized to preserve a meeting for ingredients in Birstall close to Leeds, in step with police. She changed into said dead quickly before 2 p.m.Top Theto

“We are not in a role to discuss any reason presently, and we aren’t seeking out everybody else in connection with this incident at the gift,” performing chief Const. Dee Collins of West Yorkshire Police said in the course of a quick information conference Graet New.

British MP Jo Cox, seen here in May 2015, died after she was attacked in her constituency in northern England on Thursday, British police said.

Witnesses defined a man capturing Cox several times and appearing additionally to stab her as she lay on the pavement. Police said they have a suspect in custody — a fifty two-12 months-antique man — and aren’t looking for all of us else.

“This is a truly shocking incident,” stated Mark Burns-Williamson, police and crime commissioner for West Yorkshire.

“I have worked intently with Jo for the reason that she turned into elected, and I’m deeply bowled over that a skilled young female has been so senselessly attacked and killed at the same time as working in her constituency and serving her community.”

A seventy seven-12 months-antique guy turned into also injured within the altercation, but the police said he is expected to live on.

Bleeding on the ground

Details of the capturing are nevertheless uncertain, and it is not regarded if Cox changed into the gunman’s target or if the assault turned politically encouraged.

One eyewitness informed the click affiliation that Cox had intervened in a scuffle between two guys. One in every one of them had pulled a gun from a bag, and it became fired two times.

“She fell among automobiles, and I came and saw her bleeding on the ground,” said Him Ben Abdallah.

Emergency services arrived and tended to Cox after approximately 15 mins, he said.

Café proprietor Clarke Rothwell witnessed the assault on Cox and defined the scene to the BBC.

The BBC suggested a witness said the shooter had shouted out “Britain first” at the least two times; that’s the call of a right-wing organization that describes itself on its internet site as “a patriotic political celebration and road defense agency.”


Jayda Fransen, deputy leader of Britain First, said the capturing turned into “surely disgusting” and counseled the word to become a not unusual slogan being used inside the eu referendum marketing campaign with the aid of folks who guide Brexit.

At least another media document stated a witness quoted did now not listen. “Britain first,” shouted. It’s miles unclear if the witness is the same person stated via BBC.

“We had been as taken aback to listen to those reports as each person else,” Fransen instructed Reuters. “For the time,e being could point out this is gossip, we are keen to verify the remarks, but we will only do that while the police offer more essential details. The officer instructed the parent they were investigating those reports.

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