A way to unroot Android

Having root privileges is the equal of administrator privileges on a computing device Laptop. It simply permits you to fully get right of entry to and change things for your Android telephone. However, a few discover the extra functionalities risky or need it disabled because of positive functions and apps now not working. Niantic, the […]

Pokémon Pass manual app with 1/2 one million downloads hacks Android gadgets

Protection researchers have determined a malicious utility on Google Play that had over 500,000 downloads and become designed to advantage entire manage over Android devices. The utility masqueraded as a guide for the famous Pokémon Move recreation and used more than one layers of obfuscation to pass Google Play’s malware detection mechanisms, researchers from Kaspersky […]

Android 7.0 Nougat Has 4 Hidden Treasures

Excited to download Nougat? After you get beyond the core new functions like cut up display mode and more desirable notifications, there’s a whole series of hidden functions you could discover to song up your phone. Here are 4 large ones to get you started. 1. “Clean all” button for apps. In preceding Android versions, […]

The Maximum Beneficial Hidden Features in Android

Android is thought for clean to customise and customize. The satisfactory element is, in case you’re organized to dig deeper, you’ll discover a goldmine of hidden Capabilities and settings that can improve your cell revel in. Right here are 4 of our favorites you could uncover within the Latest variations of the OS. One of […]

The Android alternative to the iOS podcast app

While iTunes and the iOS Podcast app are nevertheless some of the most important ports of call for podcast listeners on Apple gadgets, there’s nobody single app that dominates the Android universe. But some distance out ahead with greater than five million customers is the loose app Podcast Addict, which offers similar functions to its […]