HQ Trivia on Android exits beta, UI catches up to iOS

After growing to popularity on iOS closing yr, HQ Trivia made its debut in beta on Android again in December. Dropping the beta tag, the app is now officially to be had on Android. The public beta of HQ Trivia on Android has visible plenty of attention. Inside the months, because has best persisted in choosing up more excellent users, racking up properly over 1,000,000 to date. Now, although, the app is being launched outside of that beta.

HQ Trivia on Android exits beta, UI catches up to iOS 3

This launch doesn’tessentiallyimately HQ, but it subsequently supplies the UI a refresh to catch up with its iOS counterpart. Notably, it adds an authentic privateness coverage to the app, in preference to the in reality Instagram hyperlink that changed into previously in the vicinity. Aside from that, you may maintain to revel in HQ Trivia on Android as you have got, with the same two times-a-day video games and $2,500 minimal prize. If you’ve but to strive out HQ Trivia on Android, you can download it on Google Play proper now. If you’re feeling beneficiant, you may also toss a different life my manner through the usage of the referral code “nexusben.” Android Tablets vs. IPad – this may nicely become the big tech debate of 2011. I will smash down the differences for you and inform you what facet I am on! There are numerous critical differences between the two gadgets

Operating System

One of the most significant variations between the two systems is the running machine. Android capsules are walking on a few versions of the Android OS from Google, while Apple’s iPad runs on Apple’s iOS. Both are the equal primary OS that runs on the groups’ respective smartphones.

To me, that is just a rely on desire. These days, many builders decide upon Android over iOS, as it’s far tons less complicated to get a brand new app into Android’s app marketplace. However, every Android tablet (and speak to) may run on a one-of-a-kind version of the software, making it a piece unsettling for customers, as a few apps may fit simplest on a more modern version of Android, which each pill may not get.

The agencies that expand the tablets determine while to push an update of the Android software program to each sort of device, so one type might get an update. At the same time, others may additionally await months or never get a replacement in any respect. As far as I am involved, there’s no clear winner in this arena. If you get a risk, attempt every one and notice which running system you like exceptional. I am a bigger fan of Android.

Screen Size

Having a massive display screen may be a plus or a minus depending on what you plan to apply it for, particularly how you plan to hold a pill around. For example, I bought the Samsung Galaxy Tab, considering one of the great Android tablets currently available on the market. A big selling point for me was the screen was, without a doubt, lots more minor than the iPad.

HQ Trivia on Android exits beta, UI catches up to iOS 4

The iPad display is over 10 inches, making it almost as big as some small laptops. That can be excellent if you plan to carry it in a backpack all the time and want to look at films on it, but it does make it harder to move around. The Galaxy Tab made extra feel because I do not bring a backpack and like to bring it to conferences. So, once more, no clear winner here. You might also want to determine first whether you want a wireless device this is transportable or in case you want the most crucial display screen viable. One caveat right here, but – quickly, there’ll probably be drugs strolling Android available on the market that have screens the size of the iPad.


You can have a dialogue about Android tablets vs. IPad without speak me approximately apps. Apps make or ruin the pill, in my view. Having used each working system significantly, I will say that, although the iPad, without a doubt, has more excellent apps than Android, I even have no longer been disenchanted with Android and might find pretty much any form of the app I can consider. In addition, nearly every business enterprise that makes an iPad app makes an Android app as well. In reality, in my estimation, given that Android income are surpassing iPhone, and the fact I stated above – that its miles less complicated to increase apps and get in the Android market, I might no longer be surprised to peer Android seize up the Apple in the destiny with regards to apps.


It seems that even the fine Android capsules are inexpensive universal, and you may discover some suitable, cheap Android pills out there. Both have facts plans, and you can’t do a good deal without a facts plan on a tablet unless you stay in a wifi area, so that you will, in all likelihood, become paying approximately the same there.
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