Android launcher and seek engine Evie “reimagines” the cellular domestic display screen


CEO and previous Amazon engineer David Zhao insists that his enterprise isn’t seeking to update or compete at once with Google. What Zhao and his crew say is they need to re-imagine the Android home display.

As a sensible count number, this means overcoming the modern-day fragmentation in the cellular atmosphere between apps and the cellular internet and among apps. The organization desires to speed content material discovery and challenge final touch (i.e., reservations, tickets), whether on the cell net or in apps.

In a few approaches, Evie tries to emulate Apple spotlight search as an app launching device for Android. Zhao explains the employer’s philosohy in a blog post:

We agree with the core solution to this app proliferation and fragmentation problem lies in knowledge the relationships among apps, offerings, and content on cell. We want to provide people with an immediate direction to what they need, while and wherein they want it — without toggling between more than one app.

In development for about 18 months, Evie indexes app content, provides web search outcomes (via Google) and directs customers to dependent records Entity cards that correspond to local places and leisure content (films, music). Zhao describes all this as Evie’s “motion graph,” such as “extra than 50 million entities, 500 million data and one hundred million deep link connections encompassing apps, neighborhood places, movies and television shows.”

Beneath are a few display shots primarily based on a number of searches I carried out earlier today.

Zhao informed me that Evie will try to deliver customers to the pleasant available enjoy, regardless of whether at the cellular web or in apps. It defaults to the mobile internet, unless a cellular web experience doesn’t exist or otherwise doesn’t offer the supposed outcome or capability (e.g., Uber). In that case, it’s going to take customers to Google Play for an app down load.

“We need to take customers down the direction of the least resistance,” says Zhao. For this reason, an app download is type of closing resort as it creates friction and erects barriers for users.

Google is similarly operating on addressing the cell internet-app divide with App Streaming, immediate Apps and App Indexing. Evie may also have the ability to utilize many or maximum of these gear ultimately as part of its consumer experience.

At a conceptual stage, Evie is quite much like Relcy; however, Zhao is brief to distinguish his agency’s attempt. “We’re now not an app,” he says, amongst other matters. Evie is not on iOS because Apple doesn’t allow third-birthday celebration launchers. However, it’s running on numerous thoughts for the iPhone.



The splendid assignment now for Evie is to provide a simple and obvious proposition to users. Metasearch died on the computer because people didn’t see it as higher than Google. So, despite the fact that Evie is a seek engine, the corporation might also want to put itself in methods that avoid direct comparisons with Google and alternatively emphasize precise capabilities or use instances, which include the capacity to bookmark any website or seek end result on the home display screen.

similarly, to the launch of Evie, the enterprise additionally introduced $11 million in investment these days.

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