Elizabeth Warren needs the FBI to treat huge bank CEOs the way they deal with Hillary Clinton

And she says she has grounds to achieve this after federal police officers gave the brilliant public get right of entry to their research of Hillary Clinton’s server. Eight years ago today, the financial markets seized up after the bankruptcy of the funding company Lehman Bros. You’ve probably noticed that there were no criminal prosecutions of bank executives within the wake of that crisis. This is true regardless of the reality that the federal fee authorized to investigate the situation referred nine people to the Department of Justice for a criminal prosecution, including former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin and executives at Fannie Mae Citigroup, AIG, and Merrill Lynch. None have been charged.


Fourteen companies have also been referred for crook prosecution. The quit product became civil settlements, with Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, and Citibank paying billions to settle claims that they lied approximately the prime mortgages in bonds they packaged. Usually, the dialogue could give up right here. But this yr, in an unusual, unrelated decision, FBI Director James Comey released interview notes and a summary of his organization’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s 1ec5f5ec77c51a968271b2ca9862907d server, despite his business enterprise’s choice no longer to feel her with any crime. The revelations became a public spectacle But did no longer monitor any new information suggesting unlawful behavior. Yet financial institution executives whose businesses lied to clients have not had their “I do not bear in mind” depositions positioned earlier than the public.

Comey stated his disclosure decision inside the Clinton investigation got here the simplest due to “intense public interest.” Warren says that identical wellknown must practice to the monetary disaster, and is disturbing “all investigative materials related to the FBI investigations and prosecution pointers of people and corporations referred to the DOJ with the aid of the FCIC. Warren also needs the Branch of Justice’s inspector trendy to analyze

why no expenses had been approaching, and for Comey to testify approximately why the employer (which Comey has led considering 2013) selected now not to fee any of those humans with crimes associated with the crisis. It appears not likely that the FBI will follow Warren’s request; it’s now not even clear what sort of research was achieved. But a rejection might underscore that for all the allegations of Clinton’s coziness to the economic zone. She nonetheless faces stricter scrutiny for sending e-e mails than bankers have faced for bringing down the global economy. And time is strolling out: Prosecutors have just ten years to prosecute many economic crimes.

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