Android 7.0 Nougat Has 4 Hidden Treasures

Were you excited to download Nougat? After you get beyond the core new functions like cut-up display mode and more desirable notifications, there’s a whole series of hidden processes you could discover to song up your phone. Here are four large ones to get you started.


1. “Clean all” button for apps.

In preceding Android versions, Once you tapped the overview button (the square at the bottom proper of your display screen), it introduced up all your open apps, and you had to swipe via one at a time to shut them. But now, Nougat will let you close all the demanding apps without delay. Press the evaluate button: Android Nougat comes with a valuable new feature that enables you to enter records in case of emergency. Once you input the info, all and sundry can enter it in case of trouble, although the screen is locked.

You access it using clicking “customers” for your primary settings menu, after which tapping “emergency facts.” Once there, you’ll have displays. First, you could input a diffusion of records for emergencies, such as your blood type, medicines you are taking, and any allergic reactions. A 2nd screen additionally lets you listing contacts in case of emergency. Has made some model of an emergency contact enter to be had given that iOS 8 in 2014, But this is the first time this option has come to Android natively For Tricks.

3. Device UI Tuner.

The Device UI Tuner offers you even more electricity to personalize your tool. To permit it, swipe down from the top of your display to get into your Quick Settings menu. From there, press and hold the settings bar until it spins, and also, you’ll get a activate to allow the Gadget UI Tuner. From there, you could adjust what you need to peer to your status bar on the very top of your display and make changes to your phone’s Do No longer Disturb settings. While Marshmallow additionally had a Device UI Tuner, the new version in Nougat comes with an additional characteristic that lets you rank specific kinds of notifications so as of importance.

4. Make any app work in cut-up-screen mode.

Prime trouble with Nougat’s break-up-screen mode is that No longer all apps are mechanically like-minded. However, fortuitously, you can make any app work in multi-display screen mode after allowing Developer Options in your phone. Visit Settings and scroll down and tap “Approximately cellphone.” From there, scroll down till you see “Build Number” indexed:

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