How to Use Siri Hands Free From Your iPhone Lock Screen

It’s feasible to use Siri arms free out of your lock display screen, but once in a while, you would possibly run into a chunk of hassle like I did. Here’s what I learned about it, and how I solved my problem.

When I first got my AirPods, I turned into thrilled at being capable of using Siri simply with a double tap of my finger. I like being able to pay attention to track even as cooking dinner, and now I can depart my iPhone on my table and alternate songs with my AirPods.

But recently, I noticed that Siri turned into appearing distinctive. When I tried to trade song with my AirPods, I was pressured to release my iPhone with my fingerprint first. It seemed bizarre once I didn’t have trouble earlier than, but then I found out the hassle.
Here’s what occurred. For a piece extra privateness, I decided to hide notification previews on the lock display screen. You can try this on iOS by going to Settings > Notifications > Show Previews. When you choose “When Unlocked” you still get notifications, but the content is hidden until you unlock it. This is a remarkable feature, and it prevents human beings from seeing your notifications whilst your iPhone is on the table.

But it’s additionally the motive why Siri stopped operating. Even although I allowed Siri get admission to at the lock display, beneath Settings > Touch ID & Passcode, I still had to unlock the cell phone. And that’s because the notification previews interfered. I don’t recognize why this takes place, but you may restore the trouble with the aid of changing the notification previews to Always. This is becoming one with the aid of default on iPhone X because of Face ID.

Hopefully, in a future iOS update, Apple can allow both Siri get admission to and hidden notification previews. It’s a change-off we must make because it means everybody can use Siri in case your telephone is unlocked. But it makes it impossible to use Siri with AirPods. Privacy versus convenience, as typical.

If you personal an Android telephone like the HTC Sensation, you may in all likelihood be acquainted with the various strategies it employs to hold unauthorized users out of the phone. Some of these methods are now to be had for Apple gadgets just like the iPhone 4S thanks to an app referred to as ‘Pattern Lock For iPhone’.

In this article, I will look at the capabilities this app possesses and the way to use it successfully.

Connect the Dots Security
This technique is possible to be familiar if you have ever used an Android cellphone. On the lock screen, you’ll be offered with 9 dots (3×3 formation). You without a doubt run your finger across the display screen to healthy the dots forming the appropriate sample to unlock the smartphone. This is similar to the standard bypass code entry on the iPhone 4S, however, you do now not do away with your finger from the screen after coming into each variety.

Fingerprint Scanner
This method of unlocking the display screen is not only very comfy, however, is also probably to affect your friends. It works by way of recognizing your fingerprint, and as you’re in all likelihood aware, that is unique to you so it’s far very hard to pass via an unauthorized man or woman. When the screen is locked, there will be a square on the screen where you area your fingertip. The display screen will recognize your fingerprint and unencumber the telephone, and of direction, if the fingerprint isn’t known, the screen will remain locked. This is just like the biometric fingerprint scanner at the Motorola Atrix, however, that is placed on the back of the phone as opposed to at the screen.

Alpha-Numeric Entry
This is much like the same old skip code function which is already used by thousands and thousands of iPhone customers who pick to lock their phone whilst no longer in use. However, this has the addition of a QWERTY keyboard as well as numbers so that you can input a password with many more characters than a general bypass code. This makes it impossible for all people to wager your password, so is ideal for those who’ve non-public or touchy facts stored on their iPhone 4S.

If you have sensitive information for your iPhone 4S, this is an important app, and at simply £zero.69 is properly worth the rate for the peace of thoughts it may bring. The app can also be assigned to particular folders on your iPhone, so even when the display is unlocked you may limit get right of entry to to particular folders which you could customize with the apps of your desire.
How is Apples iOS 6 Passbook App Going to Impact Other Electronic Wallets?

Apple has entered the smartphone pockets enterprise with a new utility in iOS 6 referred to as Passbook; a prelude to what might quickly end up a fully-fledged digital wallet. With the Apple emblem in the back of it, it is anticipated that each one factor of cellular bills, ticketing, and discounts will change forever.

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Introducing Passbook

On Monday, June eleven, 2012 at the Worldwide Development Conference (WWDC), Apple introduced it’s very very own cell wallet software known as Passbook. Passbook is an iOS 6 app so one can be absolutely included in the today’s iPhone working machine. Expected to be released sometime in October it is maximum possible to release in conjunction with the iPhone five launch. Apple affords an API to permit developers to create, control and distribute Apple-authorized boarding passes, reward cards, present cards, incentive playing cards, and more in a single vicinity. In a similar fashion to the iOS Books and Newsstand apps, Apple is imparting a local platform that permits business owners to get their enterprise and carrier offerings in front of iPhone users.

A Beautiful User Interface

Apple’s development of Passbook establishes a secure-fashionable for helping and establishing virtual tickets, save cards, coupons, and gives in the mobile iOS gadgets. An incredible array of features will seem at the time of the preliminary release with loads greater to observe as builders begin to combine the device someplace else. Prior to its reliable release, Apple has already constructed an present list of massive outlets that want to combine the Passbook era into existing iOS applications, which include Starbucks famous barcode payments app. More small and massive organizations are predicted to announce how they intend to apply Passbook to their benefit towards the launch date.

Passbook presents a super searching simple-to-use card-fashion consumer interface (UI) that updates stay as the shop cards or passes are used. Apple has looked after the manner that a user, and the commercial enterprise, interacts with the digital Passes. There are certain constraints, like the size of the Pass, or the wide variety of fields allowed, or how the person can pick out to be informed and so on. But Apple is attempting to provide an actually open system. An application that may be used by any store wishing to provide virtual passes. There will also be a wealthy set of functions, which includes time and vicinity based totally facts, get entry to to previous purchasing records, and get admission to to personal statistics.

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