The Maximum Beneficial Hidden Features in Android

Android is thought for clean to customise and customize. The satisfactory element is, in case you’re organized to dig deeper, you’ll discover a goldmine of hidden Capabilities and settings that can improve your cell revel in. Right here are 4 of our favorites you could uncover within the Latest variations of the OS.

One of Android’s hidden menus is Developer options. Whether or not you write code for a living, you may show it via going into Settings, choosing Approximately smartphone then tapping Construct variety seven times in a row. Congratulations, you’re now a developer, with the brand new menu delivered near the lowest of the Settings screen.

At the same time as you ought to be wary of playing round with those configuration alternatives if you don’t know what you’re doing, some of them are quite Beneficial for non-developers.

Head to the brand new menu and enable Force 4x MSAA (that’s multi-pattern anti-aliasing, in case you have been wondering). At the price of some of your battery lifestyles, it tells Android to render video games at as excessive a fine as it may, so it’s fine used on top-stop handsets with numerous battery left.

Turning on the Force GPU rendering choice on may give you smoother, snappier overall performance in some video games, however its results can vary widely from app to app and from device to tool, so use it with warning.

One of the Maximum Beneficial hidden Features in Android can handiest be accessed thru a widget on the home display. The option will can help you see antique notifications you’ve brushed off in haste.
Lengthy-press on a clean part of the home display, choose Widgets, and then discover the one referred to as Settings shortcut (underneath the Settings heading). Then you definately get to pick which placing to hyperlink to, so select Notification log.

That’s it: faucet the widget icon in future to peer your past notifications.

The amount of data you get in every one varies from app to app (you don’t get a complete file of each notification), but you may as a minimum see which apps have displayed alerts recently, in case you cleared them without taking a right appearance.

With Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Google brought a secret System UI tuner menu inside the stock OS that could or won’t have made it into the custom person interface hooked up in your cellphone by using the producer.

To permit it (or see if it’s available), swipe down with palms from the top of the display to show Quick Settings, then press and keep on the settings equipment icon. After a few seconds you have to be met with a message that Gadget UI tuner has been enabled, and it’s then on the front web page of Settings.

tap Status bar at the System UI menu and you could clearly exchange which icons appear At the pinnacle of the display. in case you don’t like having alarm clock or Bluetooth symbols showing, you can eliminate them, or you could upload an icon that indicates the display’s auto-rotate Repute.

It’s even feasible to cover the time from view, or have it show hours, minutes and seconds.

For 2 successive OS releases, Google has teased a night mode for Android inside the beta code, handiest to pull it from the very last release. In Android Nougat night mode continues to be there, but a touch little of guide hacking is required to carry it out.

First you want to permit the System UI menu (see above) by tapping and retaining the tools’ icon At the pinnacle of the short Settings pane, then you definitely want to put in night time Mode Enabler. It’s now not a respectable Google app, however it digs out get right of entry to to the legit night mode code that Google has left languishing in Nougat.

The app is just a single button. Press it to see night mode in Settings and Short Settings.

Of direction, Google have to’ve had its reasons for reducing our night time Mode—you may get the peculiar overall performance hassle or locate the feature breaks with future updates. But if you really need it right now, that is the manner to do it.

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