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For Congress and BJP, districts of Mumbai-Karnataka is conflict floor to seize strength in Karnataka


Mumbai-Karnataka districts of Belagavi, Bagalkot, Vijayapura, and Dharwad are all decked to host Congress birthday party president Rahul Gandhi for three days. For Congress and BJP, districts of Mumbai-Karnataka are conflict floor to seize energy in Karnataka. In the run-up to the Karnataka Assembly election, Gandhi’s visit to the Mumbai-Karnataka location is revived birthday celebration to stand election and raise celebration employees spirits. After the touchdown in Belagavi, Gandhi is to tour Athani and keep rally. Then he will pass directly to Tikota village in which he might be interacting with women’s self-help organizations. Later in the night, he’ll preserve public assembly at Vijayapura. On Sunday, he’ll flag off 1/2 marathon – Vrukshthon 2018 and later visit irrigation tasks and multi-village drinking scheme coming below Krishna river basin in and around Alamati dam. He keeps meetings with Bagalkot and Belagavi district Congress birthday celebration office bearers and travels to Saundatti. After attending public conferences in Dharwad and Hubballi, he’ll depart for Delhi.

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Are higher regarded pinnacle tour locations inside the globe. However, it’s far because of the uncommon revel in you have in this area, which makes it unique. Mirarchi Chincholi approaches the domicile of the peacocks. The peacock is the most colorful hen globally, and it’s also the countrywide hen of India. The mating season for the peacock starts simply before the monsoon, in which the male peacock tries to draw the peahen with a grander display of its colorful feathers that it raises like a Chinese fan and begins to dance.

The small village of Chincholi is about five hours shape Mumbai town and one and 1/2 hours from Pune City. The first-rate instances to view the outstanding birds are between five am to 7 am and 5.30 pm to 7 pm in the nighttime. You can see the colorful birds that come to devour grain and drink water from just about 20 toes. Yes, that’s the space from which you can see these beautiful creatures. But the villagers train you to hold pin drop silence. The birds are shy, and as a result, any form of noise will lead them to leave.

The peacocks have colorful feathers, even as the peahen has gray feathers. You can sit on the bed or the plastic chairs provided by using the villagers and feature a look at the birds. The different activities include milking the cow. Yes, you can milk the cows here together with your bare hands. The villager will first display you how to do it, after which you can do that for your personal. The bullock cart trip of 10 mins isn’t to be overlooked. Here approximately 4 to 6 humans sit in the timber cart that is tied to the two bullocks, and you then are prepared to witness the lush, green geographical region. And when you are attempted, you may sit down right down to eat a light meal organized by the villagers. It consists of easy poha, which tastes extra like dry porridge.

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