Frostburg Nation Violated Title IX, Education Dept. Unearths

Frostburg Nation University, in Maryland, violated the federal gender-equity law called Identify IX in its handling of sexual-violence cases, the U.S. Branch of Education’s Office for Civil Rights announced on Friday in a news release.

After a prolonged research, the Office determined that Frostburg State had done not respond directly to lawsuits, such as an alleged sexual assault, and did not cease a sexually hostile surroundings for 2 college students, the release stated.

A number of the Workplace’s many findings, the investigation found out that incidents off-campus or involving nonstudent victims or perpetrators had been not fully investigated or, in a few cases, investigated in any respect.

The Department additionally discovered that five College regulations meant to respond to complaints of sexual harassment or sexual violence did now not comply with Name IX. And even as the University’s new Title IX policy, instituted this yr, made modifications that introduced Frostburg Kingdom into compliance with Name IX’s procedural necessities, issues persist.
In a resolution agreement with the Department, the College will reimburse complainants, whose reports of sexual misconduct had been now not dealt with in a timely manner, for counseling.

The College may also solve shortcomings identified through the Branch at some stage in the research, and will now offer a written note of the outcomes of court cases to both parties involved.

In a written announcement, Frostburg Country said that it had agreed to take such steps however changed into “not admitting that it isn’t in compliance” with Title IX. The College delivered that it had “cooperated fully” with the inquiry, and outlined a number of the processes it had put in vicinity to prevent sexual violence.

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