Homeland Recap Computer Blues

Carrie meets with a therapist to talk about the trendy turmoil in her lifestyles — and there it is, our first Peter Quinn points out of the season. A definitely emotional Carrie recalls her past due to the pal, announcing, “He might’ve understood what I’m doing. He never allows me down.” She’s adamant that Keane needs to be taken down, and that she’s taking her meds each day. But the therapist points out she’s taking lithium, and that may grow to be ineffective if you take it for years. (Uh-oh.) That offers Carrie pause… but it doesn’t forestall her from logging into Wellington’s surveillance cams again, in which she sees an unidentified lady input his domestic and leave a word.

She takes a screengrab of the female’s face and tries to get her supply Dante to perceive her, but he hangs up on her. So she (stupidly) logs onto the infamous troll haven 4chan and posts the screengrab on an anti-Keane message board, asking if each person recognizes her. One commenter claims to recognize and sends Carrie a JPEG. She (stupidly, stupidly) downloads it, and… bam! Her pc is now inflamed with ransomware, locking her out of her pc until she will pay five thousand greenbacks. Why, Carrie, why? Doesn’t the CIA train their agents no longer to click on unverified hyperlinks?

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Carrie begins to panic: She’s broke, so she will be able to’t afford the 5 grand, and her computer has the very unlawful Wellington undercover agent cams on it, so she will visit the law enforcement officials. She calls in Max to help, but even he can’t restore it — and the hacker, listening in to their communique through Carrie’s pc mike, doubles the ransom to $10,000. And whilst he finds the Wellington cams, he doubles the ransom once more to twenty grand: “You’re going to be my golden goose,” he tells Carrie. But she is going on the offensive, claiming that Wellington wanted the cams in his house because it’s an intercourse issue; he gets off on being watched. Then she starts flirting with the hacker, offering him “an exchange of offerings.” She takes off her blouse and bra for him through webcam, however as soon as she senses him getting excited, she cuts him off, telling him, “It’s no longer totally free, asshole.”

She desires to meet in man or woman, and the hacker directs her to an empty warehouse with a totally creepy vibe. There, the hacker reveals himself — he’s a skinny white kid like you’d anticipate — and she or he starts to undress for him… but while he gets close, she hits him with a vicious headbutt and unsheathes a collapsible baton, beating the hacker mindless with it. She threatens to kill him except he unlocks her pc (“I’m CIA, motherf—ker”) and information him doing it on her cellphone. With her laptop unlocked, she strolls out of the building, leaving the hacker bloodied and whimpering on the ground.



BETTER HAUL SAUL (OUT OF JAIL) loss of life is fueling even extra conspiracy theories about President Keane, and he or she recognizes it makes her appearance terrible, so she is of the same opinion to “alternate the conversation” by using releasing Saul and the 2 hundred other intelligence officials she detained. In flip, Saul consents to be her countrywide protection guide, and Keane introduces him in a rapidly arranged press conference. (Carrie fumes while she sees Saul and Keane collectively on TV.) But there’s one trap to Saul’s new function: Wellington informs him that bringing in the fugitive O’Keefe is his first order of business.

Saul heads all the way down to the bed shop in which O’Keefe did his broadcast closing week, and finds the locals angrily protesting the FBI presence. They’ve detained one of the law enforcement officials who escorted O’Keefe out and roughed him up for resisting arrest, which Saul immediately acknowledges as a horrific flow. He tries to play “excellent cop” with the fellow, telling him he’s exposing the humans he’s sworn to defend to critical damage. Saul insists he knows O’Keefe, O’Keefe is aware of him and he just desires to find him and communicate: “No one will get hurt.” Yeah, after seven seasons, we recognize higher than that, don’t we?

* Speaking of O’Keefe: He’s nevertheless broadcasting on the run, this time from the dingy basement of a West Virginia family. But O’Keefe is probably outstaying his welcome: First, he indicates how hapless he’s with an actual gun in his hand through firing one and letting it sit back and gash him on the forehead. Then a young listener — who even has an O’Keefe tattoo on his arm! — overhears him referring to the circle of relatives as “the lunatic fringe.” Uh-oh… could a disgruntled listener turn out to be turning O’Keefe over to Saul and the feds?

* We’ve got new establishing credits, people! Season 7’s version plays the usual dissonant jazz, along with a few disorienting system defects, over visions of a manic Carrie and violent protests. I’ll take that as in addition confirmation that Carrie’s intellectual kingdom is a major plot point this season.

* I just have such a lot of questions on Carrie’s storyline this week: Didn’t she worry that the hacker would document her striptease and use that against her? Couldn’t he have already made copies of her incriminating documents? Would a hacker actually agree to satisfy a person he’s extorting only for sex? Does Carrie virtually think he’s just going to go away after that?

* Poor Franny, asking Carrie after she raged at Keane at some point of Saul’s press convention: “Why are you mad all of the time?” At least the child didn’t wander in whilst Mommy changed into doing that webcam striptease.

* LOL at Max’s response to Carrie’s monetary woes: “I can loan you 753 greenbacks.”

* Not one but Mr. Robot alums on this week’s episode: Sakina Jaffrey as Carrie’s therapist Dr. Meyer, and Sandrine Holt as the mystery girl in Wellington’s house. If best Elliot ought to’ve dropped with the aid of to help Carrie together with her laptop…

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