House-Hasson hardware sellers get apps

Knoxville’s Residence-Hasson hardware Co. rolled out a few mobile programs this 12 months meant to streamline the project for its impartial hardware customers looking to do things from locating a vendor on an alternate floor to setting orders for products. When Residence-Hasson holds its annual dealer’s marketplace Oct. 20-22 on the Sevierville Activities Middle, sellers could use a new app to locate providers in the marketplace floor or particular parts or merchandise that they might want.


House-Hasson President Don Hasson compared the app to a GPS for the occasion’s marketplace floor. Our market app tells sellers what vendors are there, what booths they’re in, and what merchandise is in that booth,” Hasson stated in a announcement., “The supplier desires simplest to kind the product name into the app’s search function, and it directs the provider to that sales space. It makes a market even greater worthwhile for our sellers.”

The app additionally maintains vendor touch and other facts.

“If a dealer wants to contact that supplier after the market, the information they want might be right there on their tool,” Hasson stated. Ron Yatteau, supervisor of provider laptop services for Residence-Hasson, said the employer also has an ordering app that permits sellers to see data on all 55,000 merchandise that Residence-Hasson stocks in its warehouses. At the same time, as it makes ordering more efficient, the app becomes truly advanced for Residence-Hasson to turn out to be more excellent green via doing away with paper use, Yatteau stated.

“If you have 55,000 gadgets, in case you were to print a catalog, it’d be about two feet tall,” he stated.

Residence-Hasson already had an online ordering machine in location before the app, and it is nonetheless the primary approach for sellers to location orders, Yatteau said. The phone app allows the dealer to get photos and extra facts on the product.

“The phone app does extra; however it is not as speedy,” Yatteau said.

House-Hasson is the fifth-biggest wholesale hardware distributor in the country, serving three 000 sellers in eleven states and the Caribbean. It has approximately 500 employees in Knoxville and West Virginia.

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