January Jones Discusses splendor approach and life After ‘Mad guys’


Her belief that hair is a sign of identity is in sync with the L’Oréal-owned label’s philosophy with Vincent Nida, okayérastase international preferred manager. “She has had this emotional reference to the brand and also believes in the strength of hair and the use of it as a method of expression,” he stated. The actress — who seems this month in a worldwide advert marketing campaign lensed by using Luigi & Iango — has been chameleon-like with constantly changing hair cuts and coloration. However, Jones feels maximum at ease as a blonde, her herbal hue.


I haven’t been coloring my hair, like, for over a yr,” she admitted. “I’ve simply been doing little highlights right here and there to give my hair a rest. But I usually like going back to this, ’reason it feels the maximum like me. “I’ve long past black, brown, crimson, pink. You sense straight away extraordinary, so it’s first-class to have an exchange. Or in case you’re doing it for a man or woman.


It feels top to experience unique from you,” continued Jones. “I assume, lamentably, quite a few the instances we get wrapped up in our target audience’s notion folks. I suppose that’s why it’s always been critical to me to appear distinct in each function so that I’m no longer caught in one class or belief of beauty or whatever it’s far. As Betty Draper in “Mad guys” — the part she played longest in her acting profession — Jones regularly became like Grace Kelly. It became out to be a double-edged compliment. It turned into flattering,” said Jones, noting Kelly become the television character’s beauty icon. “She attempted to look like her and did her hair like her.


“I’m very flattered, as well. However, it’s simply an excessive amount of duty for me to be the following Grace Kelly. She becomes a princess, and they weren’t incorrect,” Jones said. “I feel like I, in my opinion, need with a view to be improper and make errors — whether in life or splendor errors. I don’t forget her, a great beauty icon, in conjunction with Marilyn Monroe. I love Veronica Lake and Liz Taylor. There are such a lot of [greats]. And I love modern women. One among my buddies, Diane Kruger, always seems excellent, and Charlotte Gainsbourg and Sienna Miller. I assume that what’s outstanding about cutting-edge splendor is.

There’s no longer hard and fast mildew,” she persevered. “You need to appear to be you; you could appear to be you’re from any time frame and still be elegant. Jones referred to her outlook on beauty as “easy” and stated the Kelly contrast compelled her to veer in an exclusive direction. I went the other manner with it and did all kinds of avant-garde matters on [red] carpets and stuff alternatively to pull away from that belief,” she said. “I like to do matters which might be a bit bold or even outside of my very own consolation region. To attempt new matters, matters that are wild or more excellent creative. I love having that because I usually see a red carpet enjoy being artistically innovative with my dress and hair and makeup.

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