Montreal to ban pit bulls, other dangerous breeds

Less than two weeks after a girl died following a canine assault in her outdoor, Montreal’s mayor has announced a plan to prohibit pit bulls and other breeds which might be deemed to be dangerous. Darbi Denis Coderre said the new regulations would probably be brought before the metropolis council in September. “we’re going to have an implemented approach, not only for one breed, however, based on the extent of capability danger of numerous varieties of puppies,” he told a information conference on Saturday. Coderre said that puppies who already live in the city could stay but will need to be sterilized and put on muzzles in public. The ban turned into announced ten days after a 55-yr-vintage Montreal girl changed into observed useless after being attacked by a pit bull.

Montreal to ban pit bulls, other dangerous breeds 2

The dog escaped from a nearby domestic before it attacked Christiane Vadnais.

In a separate incident, a girl became bitten at the thighs by a pit bull on Tuesday in Sainte-Adele, north of Montreal. Coderre said the metropolis can even right now create a unique squad to implement the city’s current dog policies, including licensing and leash laws. He mentioned that many canine attacks result from negligent proprietors and promised the new guidelines might assault the hassle “at each end of the leash.”

The city is presently reading which breeds besides pit bulls to include within the ban, and Coderre stated the rules would be written to permit other kinds of dogs to be brought. “We need to take into account that earlier than, in the Nineteen Seventies, it becomes the Doberman,” Coderre stated. “in the 80s, it became the German shepherd. It’s been the Rottweiler. If we ban one breed from prohibiting it, they may provide you with any other breed.” much less than 14 according to cent of Montreal’s expected one

hundred forty-five,000 puppies are licensed, in keeping with the town. With our entering into specifics, Coderre said the brand new policies could require dog owners to reveal they can own a pit bull or other dangerous dog breed. Which can consist of a clause that might prevent each person with a severe criminal report from proudly owning one. Coderre’s declaration got here days after the mayors of Quebec town, and the Montreal-area city of Brossard introduced they might be banning pit bulls. Surest Philippe Couillard said this week his authorities would in all likelihood observe Ontario’s instance and undertake a province-wide ban at the breed.

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