Pot-prison states steer clear of reliable tourist push

At some point of Kush Tourism’s signature 1/2-day excursion of Seattle-vicinity marijuana corporations, visitors recognize inexperienced leafy plants at a growing facility and forestall at a retail shop wherein anyone over the age of 21 can legally purchase up to an oz of marijuana. Kush owner Michael Gordon, who launched his enterprise in January 2014, describes his excursions as instructional reports that offer a budding enterprise in the back of the scenes view. Go to Seattle’s vp of communications,


David Blanford agrees with Page Design Pro. “I’ve taken the tour, and I discovered it charming,” Blanford stated. “It’s far instructional. I discovered plenty, and I think it’s properly executed. In August, Kush became the first marijuana-focused commercial enterprise to join Go to Seattle as a restricted member. At the same time, as Kush can’t promote it in Go to Seattle’s printed guides or on its website, its brochure is available at visitor information facilities, wherein travelers interested in a marijuana tour can learn more.

But, operating with corporations like Kush — and selling anything related to recreational marijuana — poses challenges for destination management corporations in states like Colorado, Washington, and Oregon, wherein hashish has been legalized. Because recreational hashish isn’t always a felony nationwide — in truth, it technically remains unlawful in all states at the federal level — promoting the drug or corporations associated with it to out-of-country visitors puts vacation spot advertising and marketing groups prone to breaking federal regulation.

“We’ve been very committed to being a aid and answering questions and supporting travelers understand the regulation,” Blanford stated. “Advertising to [tourists] is just premature for us. It’s tough to paintings via the federal interpretation of promotion. It’s a sticky problem.” The question of to what volume pot is honestly driving tourism is likewise a point of dialogue. Little facts are to be had to quantify the extent of hobby in cannabis among site visitors to states where it’s now felony, and in some cases, it’s too soon to recognize.

At the same time as Colorado has visible document visitation because the country legalized the leisure use of marijuana. That increase had begun by the time pot turned into capable of hitting the market. Research carried out in April via Strategic advertising & Studies Insights for the Colorado Tourism Office determined that for sixty-four% of site visitors, marijuana had no impact on the choice to Visit Colorado. Fourteen percentage said an adverse effect, although they nonetheless visited the nation, and 23% said it positively affected their tour choice. After they arrived, eleven% of travelers age 25 and over stopped by way of a dispensary.

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