A Regina blogger has been sharing her secret garden this summer.

Melissa Tinnish, the lady at the back of M Diva Domestica, opened her outside up to tours as part of a fundraiser, sharing what she calls her oasis with the public Blog Express.

Dinnerware rests on a table surrounded by material and sparkle lighting inside the green area among Tinnish’s fence and storage. A canopy of grape vines hold overhead the region Tinnish and her husband built over their 3 years dwelling inside the home.
“We absolutely revel in eating outside and, with our short, Saskatchewan summers, sadly, we must take full benefit of that,” Tinnish told CBC Radio’s Saskatchewan Weekend.

Once they bought the home inside the Cathedral neighbourhood, Tinnish stated, they inherited a number of perennials and fruit vegetation. No longer best do the flora add to the visible enchantment of the yard, they join the gap with Tinnish’s culinary ardour.

Tinnish said her fruit has been extraordinary this 12 months.

“The first rate element about doing it your self — even though that may be a bit of work — is that you can custom to what you need and what you want.”

So No longer most effective does Tinnish make grape jelly, she adds things like ginger and rosemary to it. She’s even made grape curry.

Tinnish next desires to use her weblog to spotlight local agencies and explore greater desserts.