Set for Life WA winner but to come back ahead

WA’s current lucky streak has supposed Lotto winners have taken domestic anywhere from $2000 via to $2.1 million in prizes this 12 months – but one thriller nearby has now scooped the mom of all wins.

For the second time in much less than a month, a WA local has gained the Set for Life first prize.
The win means they may take domestic $20,000 each month for the next twenty years, and here’s the kicker – the price tag stays unclaimed.

“Lotterywest is waiting to listen from final night time’s Set for Life winner,” a spokeswoman stated.

It became sold from Fieldgate News and General Store in Balga and is the 8th countrywide winner this 12 months.

Balga store owner Tommy Ma stated he became “ecstatic” to pay attention to the information.

Set for Life WA winner but to come back ahead 2

“I sense extremely good – I’m no longer sure which one in every one of our clients will be taking home this prize, but they truly deserve it,” he stated.

Since the sport was released in August 2015, seven WA players have picked up a first set for life prize, sharing nearly $35 million of prize money.

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