Stay at Home Mum blogger Jody Allen joins forces with AgForce to help make urban mums farm-savvy

AgForce has hired one of Australia’s top mummy bloggers Jody Allen as an agricultural ambassador.

The Gympie mom is known for using her hundreds of fans as “Stay at Home Mum”.

AgForce president Supply Maudsley stated it was the company’s present-day move to bridge the agricultural city divide.

“It changed into born out of a need to innovate and reconnect with the client,” he stated.

“Her followers buy lots of meals and make plenty of choices. They walk the grocery store aisles, and they make food buying selections, and Jody’s one way of [getting to them].”


The Live at Home Mum Fb page has nearly 1/2 a million fans, and the website has one million specific users a month, and the daily e-newsletter lands in 60,000 inboxes.

“Ten new pieces of content go stay every unmarried day. We put up 24 instances a day on Facebook — actually each hour — so there’s continually something new to study,” Ms. Allen stated.

While he saw the net information, Mr. Maudsley changed into stunned.

“I went: ‘Holy smokes, that is a stunning set of numbers’!”

The first tale Ms. Allen published about agriculture satisfied Mr. Maudsley’s selection to venture into the net world turned into well worth it.

“It had forty-eight,000 likes and more than one on stocks and all of the terminology that I don’t genuinely apprehend, and it’s passed off over and over. I simply a concept, ‘Yep, we are starting to get someplace’.”

Ms. Allen describes her traditional follower as a Huge W mum with younger youngsters.

“Most of their households earn underneath $50,000, so, you recognize, we’re now not pinnacle end. We’re everyday households,” she stated.

Agforce deputy president Georgie Somerset said it changed into a set farmers need to connect with.

“The individuals who are buying the meals and fiber we develop to stay in the city. We are not speakme to them every day. However, Jody is,” she said.

Beef manufacturer and store Susan McDonald help AgForce’s pass to use an online “influencer”.

“I suppose what Jody can do is to turn us lower back into human beings, so humans in the town who are making selections approximately our livelihoods recognize we’re obsessed with our land and obsessed with what we are generating and that we are not raping and pillaging you. S .,” she said.

“She’s taking the messages that we have been desperate for people to speak approximately within the metropolis and turning them into something it truly is digestible for regular living.”

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