The Android alternative to the iOS podcast app

While iTunes and the iOS Podcast app are nevertheless some of the most important ports of call for podcast listeners on Apple gadgets, there’s nobody single app that dominates the Android universe.

But some distance out ahead with greater than five million customers is the loose app Podcast Addict, which offers similar functions to its iOS counterpart, albeit financed by using in-app marketing.

It additionally comes with an extensive variety of configuration settings, just like the capability to set certain download times, create playlists or character settings for each feed. To shop area, you could also tell it to shop podcast episodes to the SD card.

Podcast Addict can also be used to play domestically saved audio content material, that means you may import an audio ebook as a folder of tracks. — dpa

We’ve virtually come a long way due to the fact that “podcasts” have been just a component that a handful of human beings listened to on their click on-wheel iPods. Even although the call itself turned into born from the iPod, it has slowly but regularly risen into one of the dominant types of enjoyment on earth today. Millions of human beings pay attention to podcasts all around the international on a daily foundation, lots of whom have by no means owned an Apple product in their existence.

Podcasts are growing an incredible new possibility for entrepreneurs and artists alike on a daily foundation that has STILL yet to attain the apex of what’s viable with the layout.

It’s the Wild, Wild West

One of the most important reasons why podcasting as a format is so amazing for marketers and artists alike is as it’s basically an open variety as far because the actual content material is involved. Because the nearest relative to the podcast is the traditional radio show, allow’s take a look at some of the core variations.

With a radio display, you’re basically beholden to the FCC as some distance because the real content material you’re capable of creating is involved. There are certain rules and rules that you have to adhere to concerning what you may say, whilst you may say it and more. The infrastructure of a radio display is also hugely luxurious – if a show is not getting a certain range of listeners, it won’t get the advert charges it wishes to live on the air. This can cause a software getting shelved before it finds its target audience.

With a podcast, however, none of that is a situation in any respect. Podcasting is cheap – all you technically want is a microphone, a chunk of recording software (maximum of that’s available freely online) and an Internet connection and you’ve got were given your own show.

Much like the rest of the Internet, podcasts also are completely unregulated, which means that you may say what you need, whilst you need and how you need – length. Not every display will amass a following of thousands and thousands of listeners, however, it’s far very possible to domesticate a small however dependable following of “high-cost clients,” aka the sorts that marketers love.

It’s Easy

Keeping in keeping with just how smooth it’s far to START a podcast, locating listeners is also fairly clean. Many smartphones (which includes the iPhone) have a podcasting app built right in at the time of purchase, creating millions upon millions of capacity new listeners every yr. These users also can concentrate to podcasts just about everywhere – with improvements like Apple’s carplay capability, the variations between paying attention to a conventional radio show for your car as opposed to a podcast are minimum at excellent.

It’s Popular

All of this leads at once into the following important purpose why podcasting is the following incredible frontier for marketers and artists alike: as a medium, it is undeniably popular. WTF with Marc Maron (an interview-style podcast hosted by using comedian Marc Maron). There are a few network television packages that don’t get 4 million visitors consistent with the month to position that into perspective.

Listeners Are Used to Ads

Perhaps the essential cause of all why podcasting is first-rate for entrepreneurs and artists alike has to do with the fact that listeners are already accustomed to advertisements. Podcast episodes clearly lend themselves to a selection of non-intrusive ad formats. Sometimes a bunch will do stay reads for products and services before or after the show itself, leaving the actual content material completely uninterrupted. Sometimes a podcast episode will feature a quick break proper within the center for ads, separating the content material into chunks.

It does not in reality count number, as listeners aren’t “converting the channel” the equal manner they’re when a radio show breaks for advertisements each 10 to fifteen mins. They remember the fact that paying attention to (or maybe simply putting up with) advertisements helps keep the content material they love free through assisting the artists they need to pay attention. This in flip translates into huge outcomes for marketers, developing the kind of state of affairs where every person wins from the top down.

With radio stations and file agencies downsizing over the last few years, expert audio manufacturers faced task cuts and challenges locating freelance tasks. However, the surge of corporations and innovative specialists requiring full carrier audio put up manufacturing has created a brand new niche for audio professionals. When your podcast target market demands a high-quality venture, or you truly want your podcast to sound as accurate as it likely can, you can easily find the aid you want.

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When looking for a full carrier audio submit production corporation to help you along with your podcast, do not forget the following features that diverse businesses may offer:

Price. Regardless of your budget, you can find a full carrier audio submit manufacturing organization to fulfill your wishes. Taking benefit of the internet, you may frequently find professional audio manufacturers which can offer less costly prices due to the fact their studios are located outside of foremost city centers. For instance, full carrier audio manufacturing agencies in song-orientated towns like Austin and Chapel Hill will generally value a lot less than their competitors in New York or Los Angeles.

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