The modern-day Android delay is why I am sticking to iPhone

Each once in a while, I’ll see a headline about a few old flagship Android smartphone just like the HTC One M9 or certainly one of Samsung’s Galaxy S phones it’s “in the end” getting Android 6.0 Marshmallow, the model of Android that become launched a year ago.

I locate that amazing. That means the public of Android customers are without the modern-day features, enhancements, and protection updates that Google has made to its running gadget. It is a hassle known as “fragmentation,” where a wide variety of devices are nevertheless running older software program versions.


The usual answer for Android fans who want to get brand new Android updates on their telephones is to use Google’s Nexus smartphones. They run the pure model of Android, and additionally, they get the trendy Android updates as soon as they are launched using Google. Indeed, the latest Nexus 5X and 6P smartphones got the Android 7.0 updates because of their launch date.

But, the guarantee of having the trendy and most significant updates from Google in case you’re a Nexus proprietor seems to be fading. On September 14, over three weeks after Android 7.0 Nougat became launched, Google confirmed to Android Police that people with Google’s very personal Nexus 6 telephone – a phone released in 2014 – won’t acquire the present-day model of Google’s very own mobile operating device until the “coming weeks.”

I might be pretty angry if I used to be a Nexus 6 proprietor. And even more so, if I used to be a Nexus 5 proprietor, the top-notch Nexus 5 from 2013 may not be receiving the replacement in any respect.

Meanwhile, the modern model of Apple’s mobile running device, iOS 10, was available to download for the iPhone 4s – a smartphone launched in 2011 – and up from the day the replacement was found on September thirteen.

This contrast in how nicely each businesses’ problem essential software updates to arguably the maximum important pieces of generation you very own just solidified my reasoning to stay with iPhone, that is unlucky because I indeed decided upon the Android working system over iOS (the reasons why are for another post).

Getting today’s update is crucial, as many updates contain protection patches and fixes that help protect your private information, like pics, emails, messages, and anything else from malicious assaults. In the end, there’s quite a massive chew of your existence for your smartphone. It’s rare. However, all it takes is one attack to do a little serious harm. Plus, updates also come with improvements of existing capabilities, as well as excellent new functions.

At the cease of the day, I just like walking the trendy, maximum latest software of pretty lots any machine I own. I am one of those folks who’ll right now update apps as soon as I see the pink stamp at the App icon in iOS.

The restoration of the fragmentation trouble, Bloomberg said that Google will “shame” 1/3-celebration Android smartphone producers into pushing out today’s updates faster than earlier. And The Information stated that Google is making plans on working without delay with chip-makers to create hardware that works seamlessly with its software program like iOS does with the iPhone.

We are eagerly looking ahead to the discharge of Google’s following Nexus tool, which a few rumors declare might be renamed “Pixel.” With any luck, it’ll display symptoms that Google is addressing the hassle of fragmentation and the problems it is facing with deploying updates to its own Nexus devices, as well as other Android gadgets.

For now, though, It’s iPhone for me.

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