Trai issues pre-consultation paper on internet neutrality

Telecom regulator Trai Monday issued a pre-consultation paper on net neutrality, a subject that had kicked up dirt earlier this year over systems like facebook’s loose fundamentals and Airtel zero and tried to charge sure internet services, along with calls.

Seeking to put in the vicinity an overall framework for internet usage in the of a Telecom Regulatory Authority of India stated: “This pre-consultation paper is a try to pick out the applicable issues in those regions, so one can help Trai in formulating its perspectives on the manner ahead for coverage or regulatory intervention.”

There has been a struggle among telecom operators, internet organizations, and consumers hobby on the issue of net neutrality.

Even as all the 3 major stakeholders – telecom operators, internet companies, and consumers – favor net neutrality, they define it differently from their perspective.

Trai issues pre-consultation paper on internet neutrality 2

Trai has partly addressed the issue of net neutrality like differential pricing and, via a separate consultation paper, explores a model for imparting free net within the framework of internet neutrality.

The paper has sought public views on diverse elements, including “What must be appeared as the core principles of net neutrality in the Indian context? What are the key troubles which can be required to be taken into consideration so that the ideas of net neutrality are ensured?”

It has additionally sought perspectives on techniques that “India’s policy and/or regulatory approach” must absorb dealing with problems regarding net neutrality.

The talk on internet neutrality picked up in India whilst telecom operator Bharti Airtel in December 2014 determined to rate greater for making internet calls. However, the employer rolled returned its plan after public protest.


It then launched the Airtel Zero platform, which supplied charge entry to the websites below it whilst websites had been required to pay for being on it.

Later, Facebook additionally came up with a 0 rating platform, ‘free fundamentals’, which furnished free get entry to some websites on its platform for Reliance Communications customers in India.

Both those systems were visible as net neutrality violations, and later Trai issued a regulation that barred 0 rating platforms.

Adherence to the primary of internet neutrality is arguably essential for preserving the open and non-discriminatory character of the net, functions that are answerable for the outstanding growth of the net within the beyond many years.

“In the absence of a clear regulatory framework on internet neutrality, superior traffic management strategies can potentially be used by an operator for discriminatory or anti-aggressive functions,” Trai stated.

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