Vaping is usually overwhelming when you make the switch initially. But like every new technology, there is a learning curve for vaping as well. You not get swayed away easily when it comes to vape, you must take your time and learn some tips and tricks that work the best for you. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you learn about vaping and direct you in the right direction.



Dissembling may sound tedious and lame at the beginning but sooner or later you will understand its importance. It is wise to remove your atomizer or vape tank especially when it is filled with e-liquid. Doing this will prevent any further spills or leaks that occur from time to time. If any leak or spill make contact with your device’s button or battery, it can result in the death of the device. It is hard to accept such an accident when you have bought the vape just a few weeks ago. Like they say prevention is better than cure. So dissembling your device can help you save arms and limbs of your device.


Always remember not all vape tanks are created equally. This means that not every juice is compatible with every tank. Some juices warp or crack when you put it into a plastic tank while some juices may not be used in the stone tank. Menthols and cinnamon e-liquid flavors are the most tarnished as they usually crack every tank. It is advisable that if you want to have access to an array of juices, make sure to update your tank to a glass tank.


The harmful UV rays of the sun are not just harsh on your skin but it also affects your juices and vape. You cant leave your e-liquids in open to get hit by the sunlight. If you’re new to vaping, the nicotine is probably very important to you right now, and sunlight can decrease the intensity of your nicotine. Furthermore, don’t leave your bottles of e-liquid open. If the flavor is too intense, then it is ok to leave it for a few minutes but never leave it in open for a long time as it will sacrifice the flavor of your e-liquid.


This is the most important puzzle in your vape. If this is not taken care of, you might never be able to enjoy vaping. Always try to use a storage case to store batteries. If you just leave it with other metal objects such as keys it can possibly cause the battery to short circuit. Further, in order to save your battery from failing to check if your battery is resistant to your current supply. Your device can handle 200 W but it necessarily doesn’t mean that your battery can handle similar rating. The coil can be a low resistance coil which won’t deliver safe power. Make sure to check the specifications beforehand to save yourself from the grief later. Another point to note is that whenever you use a device that requires more than two batteries, buy married sets of batteries. This will reduce the risk of failure.


If you are new to the vaping world, it is sensible to start with a starter kit. You may think that you are ready only to realize that you are not. So go for a starter kit as it has a ready-to-go package of everything you need. It is curated by keeping in mind your needs so that you don’t have to worry about any mismatched parts. Buy a starter kit and make a smart choice.

The above tips are to make you aware of the various risks that can take place if you don’t use your vape carefully. All this information can freak you out but the most important tip is to enjoy your vape. You have made this switch for a reason, so learn your lessons well and pass it along to the next newbie vaper you meet.

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