Vast majority of public supports Taiwan’s China rules MAC

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Majorities ranging from 70 to more than eighty percent aid the government’s modern rules towards China, the Mainland Affairs Council (MAC, 陸委會) said Monday.

Since President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) took office in May 2016, China has taken a difficult line against the island, frequently sabotaging its foreign relations and taking unsympathetic unilateral action.

According to the latest opinion polls, most Taiwanese public supported the Tsai Administration’s responses to China, as the MAC stated in an information release on Monday.

The outcomes of three hundred and sixty-five days of polling confirmed that humans on the island preferred the government’s fundamental principles of retaining the popularity quo, promoting interaction and communication, and resisting wrong moves through Beijing, the MAC said.


The management’s protection of admiration for the kingdom’s sovereignty won the help of 81. According to the MAC information, eight percent of the public surveyed were from August until November 2017. Amid a changing environment, each facet of the Taiwan Strait needed a new interaction model training session, which was stated to be 88.6 percent.

Neither side ought to draw up a list of preconditions before carrying out the talk, while eighty-four. Eight percent stated that further exchanges between residents of each side would grow high-quality interaction.


The MAC found that 75.2 percent disagreed with China’s persistent attempts to restrict Taiwan’s area and to restrict contacts. In comparison, 64.2 percent said Beijing must alternate its unfriendly behavior, which includes the military physical activities of the past few months.

Beginning past due closing year, Chinese fighter jets and navy vessels have often approached Taiwanese-controlled areas; at the same time, the communists opened a flight route close to the median line inside the Taiwan Strait without consulting the island in advance. Taiwan protested the unilateral movement, as it could threaten its protection by using a cowl for a military plane to put together an attack.

The authorities’ coverage of maintaining the repute quo in go-strait members of the family located help with seventy-three percent and more significant, according to various polls over the past few months, the MAC said, protecting the case for continuing its gift China policies for the Year of the Dog.

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