Police are searching for tips in housebreaking at Waldo laptop store

Kansas town police are soliciting to find a man who they are saying broke into a Waldo computer keep early Monday and stole system. Surveillance cameras at laptop solutions exchange captured the man rummaging via the shop. Police stated the thief changed inside and outside of the store within 15 minutes of Frett Board.

Taisha Walker

Personnel stated that once they arrived at work Monday, they observed the door shattered and assets missing. Six laptops, four contact-display computers, a monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse had been stolen. From what we will tell on the safety digicam, he drove right up here to the front door, never peeked into the window, threw a brick through (the glass), snuck in beneath the bar,” said Cory Welter of computer answers exchange.

He said the thief labored his manner returned to the business office.

“Once he walked through the again right here and became the movement lighting fixtures on, we were able to get a sincerely good photograph of him coming returned up,” Welter stated. The store has been burglarized three times inside the final four years, Welter said. He noted the shop has lately put money in a new security gadget, and he’s frustrated that it took police goodbye to get there. Welter stated the store has unique data and models numbers about each of the computer systems. He said there would be holographic pc solutions change decal on the bottom of each one.

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