WordPress Is Fantastic, But It’s Not Always The Satisfactory Answer

Earlier than I dive into this slightly controversial subject matter, I want to make some thing with ease clear:

This submit is not an assault against WordPress. I use it. I realize it. It’s Awesome!

With that being stated, even though WordPress is one of the maximum loved internet site building systems out there and powers 25% of the internet, that doesn’t suggest It’s the Exceptional desire for everybody within the global who desires to construct one.

Why Not? Here are a few reasons why.

Four motives WordPress May not Be For You

It is Loose, and That Get’s High priced

Say what? How can some thing Free get High priced?

Well, think about it. Shall we say you’re planning to begin a weblog on your business.

There are numerous things which you want for a WordPress weblog to paintings to your advertising purposes. Other than spending time creating content, there is a lot of different costs that you’ll incur:

It really is a huge charge variety. Now, probabilities are you are Now not going to be that character who is dropping $33K a yr on a website. However realistically, you should expect to spend round $800 a yr on it.
Want a visible? Here’s how that adds up.

The WordPress.Org CMS software (It is the one we’re speaking about Here) is Unfastened, However you want to pay for web hosting.

To be clear, charges and capabilities of a number of the top WordPress web hosting companies all range, However permit’s simply say you pick a hosting platform like Siteground.

The use of them will run you an initial cost at $59.forty for that first yr which include the area and area privateness.
Take into account that this is simplest for the first 12 months. Subsequent 12 months, the charge will cross up.

And now that you have web hosting and WordPress set up, you need a subject. You can cross the reasonably-priced direction and simplest use a Unfastened subject. However ultimately, you’re going to want a new topic with more features that suit you.

You can find a popular subject matter just like the ones on FancyThemes or CreativeMarket for you to run you a value between $35-$100+ or you could determine to pick a famous framework like Genesis if you want to value you round $129 for each the Genesis topic and a Toddler subject matter.

After this, you need to spend time putting in the subject matter. And in case you’ve by no means finished this Earlier than and have no idea a way to use WordPress, then you can count on a weekend complete of troubleshooting. (more on this in a piece.)

But even after you have got that done, you still need premium plugins like SumoMe to do things like accumulate emails, and you may need a terrific e-mail advertising platform like MailChimp or ConvertKit that permits for less difficult e mail automation.

And allow’s Now not forget about the SSL Certificate.

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