World’s biggest gaming festival for girls coming to Dubai

The international’s largest lady gaming competition might be held in Dubai this year, with more than 20 million humans expected to watch the stay stream globally.

The ‘GirlGamer Esports Festival’ world finals will include prize pools of more than $100,000 and 45 gamers from 9 teams.

The occasion may be held from December 12 to December 14 at an upcoming gaming facility in Meydan One, dubbed the “largest gaming arena in the vicinity”.

The girls will compete in exclusive games like CounterStrike Go and League of Legends.

This might not most effectively raise the e-gaming enterprise within the region. However, it will also bolster the tourism industry and push for gender stability in gaming,” Fernando Pereira, the GirlGamer Esports Festival international organizer, instructed Khaleej Times.

“What we want to push for is gender stability. Many studies show that if ladies start to take a hobby in video games from an early age, they are 30 percent more likely to observe science research, which means engineering and arithmetic, which are professions that still have more guys than girls.”

Numerous esports companies in the UAE have emerged in the past few years. However, there has by no means been a neighborhood platform that permits e-gamers to take at the career complete-time—most gamers want to pursue it as a career flow abroad.

Growing enterprise

Overall, the enterprise has been selecting up hastily. Galaxy Racer Esports is a regional companion for this upcoming occasion. It is an organization that offers that platform to local talent so that you can pursue their career from here.

Paul Roy, CEO of Galaxy Racer, said their company has invested in constructing its biggest gaming facility in Meydan One.

“We have several factors, including occasion enterprises – which includes the GirlGamer Festival – and growing neighborhood teams that play worldwide,” he stated.

“There have been several grassroots actions in esports inside the region. But if you observe the pinnacle players who have made it, they have accomplished it independently.

“There are brilliant players; however, they’re going to Europe and everywhere else. The most effective wayr us to draw nearby experts lower back to us is to provide them with facilities that can be discovered in other comworld componentsKhaleej Times has mentioned numerous tales of younger gamers who desperately want a profession in gaming. As young as 16, compete in small neighborhood tournaments, with prize swimming pools of lots of dirhams. The UAE became ranked the number one gaming marketplace in the Middle East and North Africa (Mena), which is in line with the latest figures.

Gaming sales inside the UAE are expected to have reached Dh1.2 billion in 2018.

Previous international finals of the GirlGamer Festival were held in Portugal and Macau, with prize swimming pools of $30,000. Participants of this festival are currently competing in regional tournaments, and the winners will qualify for the finale in Dubai.

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