You assert beauty is in the attention of the beholder, I say it’s a myth


That is a reaction to Bikram Vohra’s article titled, ‘who are you to tell me now not to gaze upon your beauty, Merin Joseph? Get on together with your paintings’ which was published on 27 may additionally on Firstpost.

Bikram Vohra’s argument that girls being stated for his or her splendor as long as they are now not “being written up as a bimbo” or “ridiculed as a sex image” or “being proven disrespect,” can be taken significantly simplest if we are equipped to disregard all the courageous men and women who’ve devoted their lives in the pursuit of gender equality and willfully well known that chauvinism and misogyny are the 2 solid pillars of our society.

Since that is fortuitously no longer the reality we live in or are at least striving to avoid, Vohra’s function isn’t just absurd, but pretty manifestly incorrect because girls aren’t their bodies.

Here’s a truth take a look at: Adolescent ladies in India and ladies as younger than 10, particularly in city areas, whilst shown pix of in shape ladies have disregarded them as being obese. According to a survey performed through Sushmita Mukhopadhyaya, scientific anthropologist, an enormous number of young ladies have revealed heightened frame cognizance and that their “media conduct played a substantial role in developing cognizance approximately frame weight.”

Researchers from college of West Scotland located that hiring companies predominantly judged female candidates based totally on their appearance, while they tended to form an opinion about the male candidates based on the content of their profiles. And this wasn’t just men judging girls, however women judging ladies based on appearances. The trouble is that snap shots of girls — ‘distinctive’, ‘warm’, ‘attractive’ and so on are constantly informing the subconscious of those eating the pix (ladies and men) that this indeed is the precise. That perfect is dangerous.



Naomi Wolf, writer of the bestseller The splendor myth, posited that the standards of splendor have powerful impact on girls with the aid of retaining them focused on their frame pix, imparting men and women with ways to decide and restriction women due to their bodily appearance.

Right here’s something to bite on: whilst you Google George Clooney, you discover that he’s an actor and filmmaker, you also find out that he’s an activist and capabilities in Time’s a hundred most influential people. Amal Clooney, yes she freed a journalist from Azerbaijan jail, and proper below that news story is how she regarded lovely in an “inexperienced wrap get dressed”. The difference right here is that Amal didn’t end up a human rights attorney to be critiqued/appreciated for the clothes she wears or the heels she dornes. The tale here isn’t that look at Amal this high-quality, smart and gifted attorney, who’s doing exceptional work, however study Amal, this beautiful lady who saved a person.

Audrey Hepburn, mythical Hollywood actress devoted a great deal of her life to Unicef and assisting poor groups in Africa, allow me ask you, did you recognize this issue of her life? The factor I am seeking to make right here is that beauty is that delusion that drives us all to examine each different with suspicion and conceitedness, it’s miles the myth that makes you value brief factors of a person more than their paintings.

Merin Joseph is right in feeling undermined by articles that characteristic her in the listing of 10 most beautiful IPS officials, just as John Inverdale feedback — “by no means going to be a looker” — on Marion Bartoli angry the sporting network.

Why is that Chris Gayle doesn’t suppose two times approximately asking a lady journalist out on a date on digital camera? — “Our eyes are stunning, with any luck we are able to win this recreation after which we will have a drink after as nicely. Don’t blush, baby.” And why is that Chris Gayle once more talks to some other carried out journalist and tells her that he has a “very big bat” and that she will need two arms to preserve it.

Ladies in the public eye are greater often scrutinised for his or her seems on my own than guys. Beauty is the vicious circle that we have to strive to interrupt, however the subculture of narcissism is deeply embedded in our ordinary lives. Aishwarya Rai recently stated that she might one day “walk out in a white blouse and jeans on red carpet,” but as Apoorva Sripathi factors out on this in advance article on Firstpost that most pink carpet events indeed are approximately “black-tie” and “elegant attire” — in essence a party of beauty that then is regurgitated, reproduced by means of your very own Myntra, Jabongs and Label life’s — beauty as commodity commodifying the human.

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