A sport Direct worker director is one small step toward industrial democracy

Martin Kettle’s piece (If Sports activities Direct can change why not all our offices?, 9 September) changed into compelling. However, a word of caution is as if we aren’t to fall into a longstanding historic entice. What Kettle says, specially approximately BMW and the Mini plant in Cowley, is genuine. Over the years, I have taken commercial enterprise students to the plant, in which they have got had a chance to talk to “seasoned” managers who can evaluate and assess their years of revel in below BMC/Rover control and their revel in with BMW. They might never return to the antique days for all of the motives he states.


But like very many giants and less big German corporations, BMW has an independent supervisory board whose venture in regulation it’s miles to supervise the sports of the board of management of the organization. In Anglo-American jurisdictions, there’s no such distinction. Boards are available unitary Forums ruled in strength phrases by govt directors with a sprinkling of so-called independent directors who are for the maximum element ineffective in preserving government administrators to account. Hence the lengthy-standing issues at

Sports Direct and lots of other companies My Pro Blog. Therefore, we ought to take with a pinch of salt Sports Direct’s beneficiant offer to employ an employee director to the board. This will change little inside the lifestyle of the organization. To look for lasting improvement, we should include completely the constitutional design not unusual in Germany and other Eu jurisdictions. A sticking plaster received’t work. These matters and a schedule for reform are set out simply in my e-book, The Looming Corporate Calamity.

Richard Tudway

Burgess Hill, West Sussex

• it’s far well-timed that Corporate governance has shot up the political schedule. It’s far to be was hoping that Theresa May’s a danger to area people on Forums will open a long-awaited discussion on industrial democracy. Way again inside the postwar duration, the British Control Fee in Germany fostered the concept of a tripartite board shape for industry, with a third of which is drawn from the body of workers. This enlightened view did plenty to assist the reconstruction of Germany’s enterprise and set up a healthful basis on which it has thrived.


In the twenty-first century, it isn’t always true sufficient for Mike Ashley to mention he will position a personnel representative at the board of Sports Direct. This must not be the prerogative of the board of a public company; it must be proper that employees can decide on their very own consultant/s. Indeed if this constituted a 3rd of the board’s membership, lots of the pronounced Corporate abuse might be challenged.

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