Survey: Android Pay Tops listing of cell fee Apps amongst U.S. clients


Public-relations and virtual advertising corporation Walker Sands released its 0.33-annual future of Retail have a look at, which surveyed more than 1,400 U.S. consumers and revealed the methods users have interaction with cellular fee applications. The look at discovered that Android Pay crowned the list of mobile price applications, with 19 percentage of respondents pronouncing they have used Android Pay to buy a product in a store. Android Pay became accompanied via retailer cellular apps at 12 percent of users and Apple Pay at eleven percentage of users.

Survey: Android Pay Tops listing of cell fee Apps amongst U.S. clients 2

The record showed that the variety of Android cellular charge users held steady from the final year, even as the wide variety of Apple Pay users multiplied from four percent final 12 months. Whilst asked about their desired charge strategies for exceptional forms of purchases, cell payments ranked low with respondents’ usual. However, cell payments were shown to be the favored price technique for a few users in a few classes, along with household bills (6 percent of customers).

Lease/mortgage (five percent) and paying others for items and offerings (3 percent). The survey additionally analyzed using peer-to-peer price apps and found that one-third of respondents average had used a P2P app in the beyond yr. Breaking this down into age companies, forty-four percent of respondents aged 18 thru 25, and 38 percent of respondents aged 26 through 35 had used this sort of apps in the past yr. Through evaluation, the best 17 percent of respondents aged 46 via 60 had used a P2P app inside the beyond 12 months.


The survey additionally found that younger customers are more likely to have used any cellular charge apps. In particular, 64 percent of respondents elderly 18 thru 25 stated that they had made a cell purchase within a year, compared with 25 percent of respondents elderly sixty-one and older. Universal, the document confirmed that privateness and safety worries are the primary reasons purchasers are hesitant to apply for mobile payment programs My Amend.

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