Connecting local champions of girls’ education in West Africa and globally

Even as memories of Boko Haram enslaving women and burning down faculties abound in Western media, counter-traits of neighborhood champions main the manner for women’s education inside the West African nations of Nigeria and Mali largely move unnoticed. Despite real demanding situations—like insufficient public funding, bad gaining knowledge of consequences, and gender inequalities—network leaders are chipping away at the issues by presenting safe and satisfactory education for ladies’ under bushes and in roofless schools in addition to network centers, personal houses, and internally displaced camps.

Such nearby actors astonishingly range from government officers, teachers, and researchers to network, traditional and non secular leaders, philanthropists and worried citizens, health and social provider vendors, active and retired teachers, and non-governmental corporations across the fitness, social, and protection spheres. They have played an important role in overcoming boundaries to the “2d generation” women’s schooling priorities: access, faculty protection, best-gaining knowledge, transitions beyond secondary, and management improvement. However, these nearby leaders are unconnected. There may be no institutional platform throughout West Africa that brings those numerous stakeholders together to interface and support each other. At the same time as there are existing corporations that aid nearby stage leaders in individual countries, there may be presently no longer a mechanism that permits ladies’ education leaders of various stages and from specific sectors to connect, share facts and know-how, and collaborate within and across international locations domestically and globally.


Fixing this problem will not require a prime diversion of girls’ education funding via the worldwide development network. However, it’s vital to have a trusted, stakeholder-centric, cost-driven platform devoted to strengthening and empowering leaders who recognize their groups, the demanding situations women face, and the insights needed to broaden strategies for overcoming complicated barriers.

A multi-stakeholder system to collectively generate the scope and design of such a network, facilitated by the middle for conventional education at the Brookings Organization, has been underway for the past nine months. The manner has been pushed with the aid of over a hundred and fifty neighborhood ladies’ training champions from more than 20 countries around the arena and guided through concept leaders within the area to ensure the network is powerful and doesn’t reproducer rent efforts. It additionally stems from the Allow Ladies research initiative released by the primary Lady Michelle Obama, which seeks to grow attention and efforts around adolescent girls’ training and prioritizes neighborhood management.

And, with our query, women’s education champions like Michelle Obama, Julia Gillard, Erna Solberg, and Sophie Grégoire Trudeau can be crucial in urging other countrywide leaders to give extra voice and visibility to nearby leaders and shining a light on promising practices and areas desiring urgent attention for women globally.


Graduate Women International will serve as the global secretariat for the network, with regional hubs activated in Latin America, the Middle e East, North Africa, Southeast Asia, sub-Saharan Africa, and West Africa from 2016 to 2017. The community will connect local women’s schooling champions across sectors, regions, and countries to corporations and networks that may research, assist, and extend their voices. It will also set up a platform for these leaders to proportion evidence and top practices,  elaborate on innovative approaches, and develop new knowledge to gain the sphere. Furthermore, the community will construct neighborhood potential to leverage, join, and make bigger the attain of present networks to share their resources and management improvement possibilities with an extensive range of ladies’ training leaders.

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