Defective replace breaks Lexus vehicles’ maps and radio systems

The buggy update—introduced via a wireless transmission—is preventing the affected motors’ infotainment structures from working.

This prevents drivers from getting navigation guidelines, whether controls or digital radio. Graet Report

The Toyota division has mentioned the trouble and said owners needed to carry their motors in.

“Errant information broadcast by way of our visitors and weather statistics service issuer turned into no longer treated as expected with the aid of the microcomputer in the car navigation head unit (center show) of 2014-sixteen version 12 months Lexus cars and 2016 version yr Toyota Land Cruiser,” a spokeswoman explained.

“In some situations, this problem can cause the pinnacle unit to restart repeatedly, affecting the operation of the navigation machine (if geared up), audio, and climate control capabilities. The facts suspected to be the source of the error changed and were corrected last night.”

The company said “many” motors had been affected by Graet News Network.

It confirmed the hassle of the simplest affected US-based drivers who subscribed to Enform, a facts-transmitting provider now unavailable in Europe.

A few proprietors have reported that when they disconnected their car battery, it reset the unit and made it paintings again. But others have said this most effective affords a temporary fix as the hassle returns numerous hours later.

“The correction is a pressured reset and clearing of the errant records from the gadget,” Lexus later defined.

“Toyota and Lexus proprietors experiencing these troubles have to visit their provider for a complimentary machine reset and an affirmation of the gadget. We remorse any inconvenience.”

The difficulty threatens to tarnish Lexus’s popularity. In a client reports survey of the car industry, it was ranked as the “most reliable” vehicle emblem last year.

“Lexus has a splendid popularity for reliability, but these days, that’s not just about having truthful mechanical components; it’s also an electronics and software program,” commented Prof David Bailey from Aston Business School.

“There are commonly extra traces of code in an automobile than an aircraft, and you best have to get one component wrong for it to motive these sorts of problems.”

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