Economic package deal will help Andhra extra than special fame: BJP

VIJAYAWADA/HYDERABAD: The divide among allies BJP and Jana Sena widened similarly on Sunday with the saffron party launching a full-throttle attack on Pawan Kalyan and different competition leaders who’ve been criticizing the BJP for no longer granting unique category reputation to the country. While Union minister M Venkaiah Naidu challenged his critics for an open debate, BJP Andhra Pradesh country in-rate Siddharth Nath Singh has referred to as Pawan Kalyan’s Jana Sena birthday celebration as the third rotten laddu.


Nonetheless, the BJP management has asserted that there’s no provision for granting particular class fame to Andhra Pradesh below the 14th Finance Fee. The Financial package announced by using the Centre will address the concerns over sales deficit. The BJP leaders came in complete defense of Venkaiah Naidu following a verbal attack by the competing parties, leading actor and Jana Sena birthday party chief Pawan Kalyan or even went to the quantity of calling him the ‘0.33 rotten laddu’ in Andhra Pradesh after Congress and YSR Congress.

The day commenced with Venkaiah Naidu rebutting the criticism via the competition parties. Even though he, again and again, blamed the Congress for the disaster and made no particular mention of Pawan Kalyan, the BJP senior leader dropped enough tips and stated that he was ready for an open debate but handiest with humans with thorough knowledge of the Charter, politics, administration and budgetary aspects. Given my long stint in politics and administration, I’d now not debate with a few passersby,” he asserted. Venkaiah Naidu opined that ‘laddus’ would possibly get rotten, but the cash given by using the Centre to Andhra Pradesh can not go stale.

The Union minister minced no words, pointing out that the opposition, particularly Congress birthday celebration, has misguided Andhra Pradesh on the problem. At the same time, as reiterating that unique class status can now not be granted. “The unique class reputation would have added development to simplest positive sectors. But the Financial package announced via the Centre will result in speedy and usual improvement of Andhra Pradesh,” he stated. He said that he became harm via the harsh phrases used by the opposition inside the beyond few days. He introduced the Monetary package of ‘2.25 lakh crore, announced that using the Centre for Andhra Pradesh will benefit the kingdom more significantly than the unique class reputation being demanded.

On Sunday, in New Delhi, BJP AP in-price Siddharth Nath Singh did not hesitate to launch a private assault on Pawan Kalyan. While reiterating that there was no provision to sanction exceptional category reputation to Andhra Pradesh beneath 14th Finance Commission, he blamed the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for accepting the 14th Finance Commission record in January 2014, with our inclusive of exceptional reputation inside the document. Within the file, there is no provision for dividing the states on a unique and widespread basis for giving them positive Economic programs or for the cause of devolution of imperative taxes,” he said.

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