Liberty Travel Building Host Agent Network

Liberty Travel announced this week that it’s miles launching a “turnkey” host organization community software.

The employer said it will offer “industry-main commissions on income and as much as a ninety percentage commission split,” in addition to the exclusive hotel, air, cruise, and tour bundle deals from its Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG) determine employer.

In a press announcement, Liberty said agreements may have “no hidden prices” and “sellers will by no means be charged for ticketing, invoicing, customer service, or sales and assist.”

Independent by way of Liberty Travel will offer “tech support to advertising collateral, sales and operational support and economic offerings and extra. The details and backend groups are in an area to make this turnkey and pressure-free for sellers,” stated Montvale, New Jersey-based Liberty Travel.

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Online training seminars will start this spring, the company said.

“Today’s cell lifestyle has people living, socializing, and working in all corners of the globe. It comes as no surprise that travel dealers – with their deep ardor for exploration and preference to deliver first-hand information of as many locations as viable – are the maximum cellular of their careers,” said Dean Smith, president, FCTG, the Americas. With nowadays’s growing fluidity in wherein we can work from – home, airplanes, coffee stores, and beyond – and the need for flexibility and entrepreneurship, the appearance of Independent via Liberty Travel lends itself to paintings-life balance that applies to each specialist and the clients they’re servicing.”

James N. Bovino, emblem leader, Independent using Liberty Travel, noted how to tour disruptions generate more calls for sellers. “During tour disruptions because of weather or global occasions, folks who use a travel agent are seamlessly re-routed and rebooked, regularly before they’re even aware their flight turned into canceled. Those who move it alone can attest to being on hold for hours, after which they often turn to journey experts to help with the next steps. This community addresses a developing want for the information to navigate excursion making plans earlier than, at some stage in and after,” he stated.

In its press declaration, Liberty said it believes its host employer is “a terrific alternative for people with an established book of commercial enterprise,” as well as “those seeking out a career change” and journey fans.

“Whether new to or re-coming into the paintings force or shaking things up, Independent by Liberty Travel is welcoming candidates in any respect levels,” the enterprise stated.

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