Microsoft Intune to aid Android for Paintings

Microsoft announced last Tuesday that it had joined Google’s Android for Work program and will guide Google’s field generation for cell utility control in a future launch of Intune, Microsoft’s corporate mobility management (EMM) server. The Microsoft weblog post gave no timeline.
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Android for Paintings was first launched in winter 2015 as part of Android 5. zero Lollipop replacement, delivered to Android the same degree of enterprise-grade safety for mobile apps that had previously been available only on Apple’s iOS gadgets or Samsung’s Android devices, walking Samsung’s personal Knox era.
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A number of the Android for Paintings skills that Microsoft stated Intune could first guide are the following:

Help for Work guidelines, those who observe the separate container for corporate apps that Android for Paintings creates on Android gadgets. The unified deployment of Android apps from the Google Play Store and private corporate apps has evolved with or for an organization. Support for Android for Paintings rules, which cross beyond what the standard Android application guidelines provide for patron apps, in IT-advanced apps

Mexico. Until Nowne seemed designed to pressure corporations to ditch their current EMM equipment in choice of Microsoft, along with wager letting other EMM tools get enentersoft’s proprietary statistics management APIs. Intune also no longer helps Macs, which compete with its Windows operating device. However, this summer season, Microsoft began quietly supporting a few Mac management APIs in Intune. And when you consider that closing fall, it has allowed organizations to use its organization control Suite, of which Intune is a non-obligatory factor, in live performance with other providers’ EMM servers.

That shift lets establishments hold their current EMM vendor relationships simultaneously as they can use the proprietary Office 365 records control APIs. Microsoft has also labored with the leading EMM vendors to aid Azure Lively Listing in its identity management capabilities.

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