Mob vandalizes farmhouse assets, alleging cow slaughter in Bengaluru

BENGALURU: Self-proclaimed gau rakshaks on Wednesday afternoon laid siege to a farm residence on the southern outskirts of Bengaluru, alleging that a cow had been slaughtered interior. Trapped interior their farm residence on Jigani Important Avenue for over an hour, the family individuals denied they slaughtered the cow and stated they have been slaughtering a bull on the day of Bakrid. The hundred-strong mob attacked the 5-acre farm, approximately 25km from the coronary heart of the Metropolis, around 2 pm. The mob vandalized their circle of relatives’ automobiles, motorcycles, and different assets at the farm premises. Waseem Ahmed, the eldest son of the circle of relatives, said he had long passed out of doors when the attackers known as him, Page Papi.


“When I reached the home, they were burying the bull while the police had arrived and being attentive to the mob. My dad and mom, and two brothers were locked in the house for over hours. We were then taken to the jurisdictional Begur police station, where we were made to stay until 11 pm. Our phones have been taken away as well,” he stated. He also said if anybody had trouble with the slaughter, they have to have known the police as opposed to storming their farmhouse.

Police have not acted in opposition to any member of the mob, typically comprised of locals. Police, within the meanwhile, said they have got recorded the family’s assertion and are ascertaining whether the circle of relatives had relevant permissions for slaughter. Superintendent of Police, Bengaluru Rural Amit Singh, stated they gathered samples of the animal to verify what it turned into and its age. “We have taken up a case in opposition to the own family under cow slaughter laws,” he stated.


The family individuals had been launched on Thursday night time on bail, Singh stated, adding that they may look at if there has been any vandalism and take motion in opposition to the culprits. Singh also claimed the situation was under control and police had reached the spot in time. Top Remark India is a mess ripe with mob subculture, guru.

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