Ravens’ Harbaugh: Eugene Monroe choice became ‘100 percent soccer’

While Eugene Monroe tweeted his dissatisfaction over the Baltimore Ravens distancing themselves from his cause of pushing the NFL to let players use marijuana as a painkiller as opposed to extra dangerous drugs, it just passed off that the Ravens had already deliberately cut the tackle. In reality, the group figured out in mid-June that Monroe had an injury record. And nearly two months after drafting Ronnie Stanley, the Ravens must have realized that Monroe wasn’t needed anymore. After this, the Ravens had to dump him by using the artificial closing date of Wednesday, and they were no longer waiting on trade talks. My Latest News

A big accident, you spot. Just ask the Ravens to educate John Harbaugh.

“Soccer situations have changed since the end of the season,” Harbaugh said. “Football situations. One hundred percent football instances. That’s it. That’s all it ever turned into.”

Of course. Soccer circumstances. Nothing more to it.

Monroe questioned aloud the significant Apple instances if his marijuana advocacy had something to do with his launch; however, he didn’t pay attention while Harbaugh instructed anyone to change into 100 percent football instances. “I can’t say for certain whether or not my stance on scientific cannabis changed into the cause the Ravens launched me,” Monroe instructed The Times. “However, as I’ve stated in the past, they have distanced themselves from me and made it clear that they no longer guide my advocacy.”

It changed into probable simply every other coincidence that Monroe made it a factor to mention, proper after he changed into reducing, that he nevertheless planned to talk about the marijuana trouble.

“Despite the current uncertainties, one aspect is for certain: something takes place in phrases of my professional soccer career, I will in no way forestall pushing for the League to simply accept scientific cannabis as a viable option for pain control,” Monroe said, in element, on Twitter.

Harbaugh lashed out against the hypothesis that has “no basis in fact or fact in any respect” while addressing Monroe’s discharge. He mentioned how the Ravens have usually allowed gamers to be outspoken, going back to the days of the Cleveland Browns with “artwork Modell and Jim Brown.”

“This business enterprise has usually been very ahead questioning, very open, very in front of all varieties of issues and have constantly allowed their players to speak out, talk their mind, be who they may be,” Harbaugh stated.

Monroe will probably latch on with any other group. Harbaugh made it a point to say he is aware that Monroe will sign somewhere else quickly and that he’s an outstanding football participant. It may surprise one why the Ravens could cut someone they appreciated a lot as a participant.

The Big Apple Giants already allow it’s known that Monroe’s stance on marijuana doesn’t hassle them. The marijuana advocacy of the route was no factor in the Ravens’ choice; however, Giants coach Ben McAdoo just wanted to get it off his chest that it isn’t a hassle with them. I assume everyone’s entitled to their very own opinion,” McAdoo stated, consistent with Ralph Vacchiano of the Big Apple each day’s information. “Myself, I haven’t performed any studies. I don’t have a first-rate solution for you there. That’s, in all likelihood, extra of a political question, something that I’m no longer always willing to leap into at this factor. However, for each player and each train, everyone has their own opinion and is entitled to it.” So there’s nothing more to why Monroe changed into the cut. Just football situations, a hundred percent.

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