Software seller observed setting malware in its personal product

The enterprise FlightSimLabs discovered itself inside the odd position of having to do away with malware it had set up on a few versions of its software as a part of the digital rights control bundle after it turned into determined by a Redditor.
FlightSimLabs located itself in the peculiar position of having to remove the malware it had hooked up on a few versions of its software as part of the virtual rights management package after it turned into finding with the aid of a Redditor.

Redditor crankyrecursion observed that FlightSimLabs Airbus A320 software program got here with a Chrome password dumping device blanketed that became capable of disposing of person names and passwords from any system on which it’s far strolling. The malware file turned into categorized Test.Exe inside the code.

The organization no longer most effective did deny this file. Still, its CEO Lefteris Kalamaras admitted that the malware changed into the region but had to fight piracy.

Software seller observed setting malware in its personal product 2

“While the general public of our customers understand that the combat in opposition to piracy is a difficult and ongoing war that on occasion requires drastic measures, we understand that some of you have been uncomfortable with this precise approach which is probably considered to be a chunk heavy-handed on our element,” he stated.

Kalamaras also reiterated that the password finder was meant most effective to discover who was jogging pirated versions of its software titles and was by no means underneath any occasions used in legitimate copies of the product.

“There is a particular approach used in opposition to precise serial numbers which have been recognized as pirate copies and have been making the rounds on ThePirateBay, RuTracker, and other such malicious websites. Suppose such a selected serial quantity is utilized by a pirate (a person who has illegally obtained our software). The installer verifies this in opposition to the pirate serial numbers stored in our server database. In that case, it takes precise measures to alert us,” Kalamaras said in a blog publish.

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