4 Ways to Merge Videos on a PC

It is common for movie producers to merge several clips to produce the movie they want. This is because it is unlikely that you will shoot the footage right in the first attempt. You probably would wander around with your camcorder using it to film the random sceneries. When you are done filming, you pick the best clips and merge them with a video editor. The following are 4 ways to merge videos on your PC.

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Online Video Joiner Tool

The online video joiner tool can be used for combining multiple clips. If you search for video joiners online, you will see many websites offering free merge video services. Before using it, check the page for information on the formats it can accept. Usually, it will list on the video joiner tool page. If not, upload the video. If the format is not recognized, it will display an error when you attempt to upload it.

Using the online video joiner tool, you must not try to merge too many video clips as the browser may hang. Once the merging process is completed, remember to download the merged video to your computer and playback it on the media player to ensure that the videos are correctly merged. There is a cap on the video size you can upload, for example, 100 MB. They may also restrict you on the number of times you can access the tool to merge your video clips for free.

Desktop Video Editor

You should get a paid desktop video editor if you need to merge videos for commercial purposes. The free video editor has limited features, making it difficult for you to edit your video. Due to the limited access to the features, you may feel that using the software to merge your videos is not nice. The free video editor will also put a watermark, and everyone will know what software you use to merge your videos. To give customers a professional impression, the video should not have other people’s watermarks.

It should only have your brand logo watermark to let people know you create the video. With a paid video editor, clips will load fast into the timeline with no lagging. You can use the video merger to merge as many videos as you want, regardless of their file sizes. Many of these paid video editors also have a user-friendly interface as they are designed for beginners. They do not have a complex interface as in open source video editors like Handbrake. To make it even easier for beginners to use, they have provided online step-by-step tutorials on each software feature.

Windows Live Movie Maker

Window Live Movie Maker can be used to merge videos on computers running Windows XP – Windows 8. However, you can still download it from software download sites like FileHippo and CNET. You mustn’t download the software on unofficial websites as it may spread malware and virus to your computer. When you launch Windows Live Movie Maker, you click on the Add Videos and Photos button and select the videos you want to merge. After the videos are added to the timeline, you can drag them and change the sequence. Finally, you save the video.

Windows Media Player

You can also use Windows Media Player to combine videos, but you will need to install the Windows Media video clip joiner program to get it to work. The Windows Media Joiner program can be downloaded for free from CNET. Next, click the shortcut icon to launch the Windows Media video clip joiner program. You are to go to File > Add File and select the videos you want to merge. After you have selected all your videos, you can press the Combine button to merge all the clips into a single video.

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