Beauty kills herself after sex tape is going viral

A raven-haired Italian Splendor devoted suicide over a sex tape she made together with her new boyfriend that went viral after she despatched it to her ex to make him jealous.

Tiziana Cantone, 31, who lived in Naples, Italy, killed herself whilst alone in a cellar after the embarrassing video of her acting a sex act surfaced on the global internet.
Tiziana CantonePhoto: ZUMA Press
“They destroyed my daughter, my life and the lives of a whole own family. Despite the fact that in that cellar in which she took her very own existence Tiziana was on my own, morally to drag the noose around the neck have been the ex-boyfriend, and those who took benefit,” Cantone’s mom, Maria Teresa Gigolo, instructed the Corriere della Sera newspaper on Wednesday.

It’s unclear who uploaded the racy photos to the internet, wherein it first regarded in 2015.

The video have become this type of hit that Cantone changed into forced to go to court to legally alternate her name.

She additionally reportedly have become the butt of on line jokes and turned into mercilessly ridiculed with the aid of cyber-bullies.

She would constantly receive mocking emails and became frequently shamed with the aid of pedestrians who identified her on the road, according to the Each day Mail.

She have become so distraught that she even give up her process.

Buddies and own family members told nearby Italian media that Cantone went into a deep despair and turned into having suicidal thoughts just prior to her loss of life.

Her attorney, Roberta Manzillo, has taken legal action in opposition to a number of the net search engines like google for sharing the sex video even as accusing other humans of uploading it, the Daily Mail stated.

“We’ve got appealed to the right-to-be-forgotten regulation. Facebook become without delay ordered putting off the content material from its social network platform and to put off every submit or e-book containing pics (photographs and/or video) that refer mainly to the person,” Manzillo said.

Prosecutors in Naples have released a criminal probe to see if criminal prices are warranted in the case.

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